Sunday, May 27, 2012

The 4 peaches

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Returning one day late from the market, a peasant brought home a basket full of beautiful peaches and he thought to try his 4 sons. He called them the next morning, and gave each one peach. When the sun set, he called them all 4 back and started to ask them:

- Well, what did you do with your peach, he asked the oldest son

- Oh, I ate it immediately, thank you, father, it was delicious! And I thought: how about I will plant the pit in our garden and maybe it will grow a peach tree! And that's exactly what I did!

- Good job, my son, you'll become a good peasant. And you, what did you do with your peach? he asked his second son

- Well... I ate it... it was so tasty, and delicate, and had a wonderful perfume...

- You ate it and... that's it?

- Well, after I threw the pit and licked my fingers I asked mom for another one, it was way too yummy!

- My son, be careful, you might become greedy... And you, did you like your peach? he asked his third son

- I don't know, the son answered, somewhat uncomfortable

- How come you don't know? What did you do with it?

- Well... I sold it! I went to the market and I took good money for it, since it's not an usual peach in our area.

- My son, you'll become a good business man. One word of advise, though: in life not everything is for sell, especially what you receive from your parents or loved ones.

Lastly, he turned to his youngest and asked him:

- Did you like your peach?

- I don't know either, father.

- Oh, no, you didn't sell it too!
- No, father, I didn't sell it. I went to visit my friend, across the street, and he was very sick - so I gave it to him, to make him feel better, and I thought it might help him recover a bit.

All teary eyed, the man hugged his son and told him:

- I don't know what you will become, but you'll be a good Christian, and that's the most important thing!

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