Monday, May 28, 2012

New challenges

Eye candy: pastel dyed jade strands :: All Pretty Things
Yes, the way I am jumping into these challenges you'd think I am crazy. And maybe I am - but so far I am having the best time when working with a goal - being it the rules, or simply a deadline. Self-imposed goals just don't work as well for this gal.

I finally cleaned the work area enough to find some beads I forgot I bought (only 3 weeks ago!) - and to gather all I needed for Lori's Pantene Bead Swap. Being in a forgetful month, I promptly forgot to take pictures of the little packages before I wrapped them and over-wrapped them and taped them inside the envelope securely... I put the addresses on the envelope... then it occurred to me: and how are you going to take pictures?! Some sort of X-Rays maybe... oh, well, apparently Dee from Cherry Obsidia (my partner in the Pantene swap) did the exact same thing, so we're all good (she seems to be younger than me, so that's my excuse :))

Just Wednesday, I think, I found out about Art Jewelry Elements' "Inspired by..." challenge... and this time is an Orchid. A splendid pink orchid. I love orchids, and the pink ones? I simply adore (not small feat for one who has hardly any pink in her wardrobe, and who wears mostly blue / green / white).

Add to this that I got not one, but 2 strands of a beautiful pink dyed agate: one faceted, like the blue from the tutorial, one just round. The exact same shade as the orchid in the picture. How could I pass?!

But this story is for tomorrow :)

Today's story is about the amazing Echo Creative Club, hosted by Jeannie Dukic.  Her club is for more experienced artists and I resigned myself for having to wait at least another year and a bit (since my blog is just a baby :)), hoping to be published somewhere in the meantime (really should get going on that). However, she opened the Club for a guest - and she was kind enough to include me too!!

Boy, was I ever excited?! I will participate in the Echo Creative Club in November!

And since it's a long time 'till November (not really, do you realize we are almost into June?!) - to keep myself occupied I am participating in Sandra's Creative Chaos Design Challenge (you knew about that) and I am contemplating her newest challenge, the Father's Day one. I have the perfect idea, not sure if I have the means to implement it until the due date! I'll try :)

If you know of other challenges - please let me know, I'm on a roll! One with malachite or rose quartz - I have some gorgeous beads I got myself recently and I am looking for an idea :)

What are you doing these days?


  1. You sound so busy. Have fun in it all.

  2. Don't forget that signups for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup will be happening this month.

    1. LOL, thanks, Shaiha - that one is even on my calendar!


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