Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Crayon Colour Challenge - party's on!

Since discovering them back in January it seems I've been participated in lots of challenges. I love challenges: they force me to think out of the box and to finish some of my ideas (I am known to let them brew for a loooong time :))

A few weeks back Sally from The Studio Sublime created the One Crayon Colour Challenge: you pick a colour and create a monochromatic design. This I can do! The challenge? to finish before due date, May 5th (coincidentally my birthday). Not one to pass a fun opportunity, I entered it with - of course - my favourite colour: blue. If make something, at least make it blue!

And here they are (I got 2, not one!)

Butterfly (sterling silver wire frame, crochet, mother-of-pear beads) :: All Pretty Things
First - a butterfly. I love butterflies (a short search on this site will show you a few posts about butterflies :)), they are such beautiful and delicate beings. I love the Blue Morph the best - the vivid blue paired with that pure black is mesmerizing! The technique I used on this butterfly will not allow me to create any patterns (and black wasn't part of the palette anyhow) - I could seldom know how many 'scales' would I need in the end, so would not dream of attempting a pattern (I have plans of another one, without crocheting the beads in). The pale sky-blue of the mother of pearl coral-shaped beads is quite charming. The frame is huge (4" wide, 3.5" tall) - however the butterfly remains delicate and fun to wear.

After finishing it - on my table I found some beautiful sky-blue freshwater pearls (yes, I have a messy table... see last week's post about just that :)). I cannot pass light blue beads in the store, I wouldn't pass them on my table either. After mulling over them for a little bit I decided on a waterfall design. Added a few Swarovski bicones and out came a splendid majestic looking necklace! Because I was having way too much fun - I made a pair of earrings: for an evening attire the set will be adding the perfect touch of glamour and elegance. During the day - only the necklace or only the earrings will probably enough :)

Blue waterfall (Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, sterling silver) :: All Pretty Things

These are my 2 creations - and a quick reminder for this month giveaway - you can win a heart set right here!

Please make sure to visit the other wonderful participants and enjoy their beautiful monochrome creations!

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  1. Am loving the blue necklace...has a very "cooling" effect on my eyes :)

    1. Thank you, Kashmira - you started the hop early :)

  2. Gorgeous Butterfly - so delicate and detailed and perfect! (and it looks like it was a lot of work, too!!) Love the necklace - blue pearls are so yummy!!

  3. I love your necklace. The butterfly is beautiful too. The necklace certainly reminds me of a day by the Caribbean. Just beautiful. Great job!

  4. Hi Alicia,
    I love your delicate butterfly and your gorgeous necklace and earring set. I have a thing for butterflies too. The necklace does remind me of a cool waterfall cascading down a steep mountain cliff.

  5. You absolutely have to make more of those butterflies -- they're awesome! I could see you making a statement necklace with lots of those butterflies on them! And the Y-necklace -- love that style, and you chose lovely shades!

  6. I love the cascade of the necklace - really pretty and feminine design!

  7. What a lovely set! I love the soft sweet colors, and the cascade bead design.

    Alicia, I love the necklace and earring set, but I am completely smitten with that butterfly you so beautifully created! Gorgeous! Butterflies are my favorite too!!! Thank you so much for joining me and challenging your creativity with the one crayon color challenge!!

  9. I know exactly how you feel about blue - my favorite color as well! That butterfly is absolutely wonderful! And I love the light blue pearls! Very nice job!

  10. I love the necklace. It does look like a wonderful waterfall. And your butterfly is gorgeous as well. I agree with Lori. It would look awesome as a necklace focal or several together would make an awesome statement necklace.

  11. Happy birthday !
    La mulţi ani , mult noroc şi fericire !
    Şi la cât mai multe şi frumoase creaţii şi realizări !

  12. Beautiful, I love the blue pearls necklace especially - so pretty!!

  13. These are both BEAUTIFUL Alicia!!!

  14. Beautiful pieces. The butterfly is really a great piece and the shades of blue that you used in the necklace are wonderful. Great job.

  15. That butterfly is super neat and your blue waterfall is simply eye-catching and elegant. What beautiful uses of blue! Nicely done. :)

  16. La mulţi ani !
    Happy Birthday!

  17. The necklace and earrings are so elegant, and the butterfly is striking. What a lovely combination of shades you included in your pieces. It's easy to see that you love working with blues!

  18. Alicia! I just love that elegant and lovely butterfly! So beautiful... And the necklace and earrings are gorgeous too!

  19. Both of your creations are so light and airy ... just beautiful!

  20. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!

    And I'm right there with you in using challenges to help me drive to the finish line.

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Your little butterfly is so cute!

  22. So delicate and feminine, both the butterfly and the the pearl waterfall necklace. Lovely shades of blue.

  23. Beautiful waterfall design, perfect for a spring wedding!!

  24. I had just commented that we seem to have a bumper crop of butterflies in our yard this year...I so enjoy them...your butterfly evokes flights of delicate and such beautiful colors. The fall on the necklace is delicate. Beautiful work!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you aren't feeling "blue"... Nice work!


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