Saturday, January 26, 2013

My new partner

Just a couple of days ago our son (who's almost 10 years old) sent us (mom & dad) this email:

Hello mommy,

Did you like the joke? I planned so much, it was foolproof. It lacked attention and patience, the two key properties in a plan. I will tell you the recipe for a good plan.

Recipe for A Good Plan

1 cup of thinking
3 spoons of creativity
1 cups of good space
1000 ml of patience
6 liters of attention
5 gallons of positive thinking

Stir well until negativity lumps disappear.
To serve more, add 3 cups cooperation.
Mix a final time, and put in waiting oven until golden.
Take out of oven and sprinkle with laughter.

Sorry to stay up late, but I will be in bed by the time you’re done reading this.


PS. If you're daddy, forget the first part.

My new partner & guest-blogger: William :: All Pretty Things
He had just played a practical joke on me: he put together the bed sheets to form a lump, so I would think he's in bed, sleeping, while he was hiding in the closet. 

I have been trying to get him earlier into bed - but he figured out he'll solve the problem better using laughter, and he was right. How can you get upset (or even keep a straight face) when you read his explanation and then his well thought recipe? 

Talking about his neat recipe he suddenly told me "I should start a blog and post these ideas! Can I?". 

That's how I offered to be a guest-blogger here (until we figure out what he really wants to achieve on his own blog). His answer: "Really? Can I?!"

Yes, son, really - you absolutely can :) You're very welcome - and we'll have tons of fun, I know it!


  1. I love William's recipe... especially how he mixes the standard and metric measurements together (so typically Canadian), and the 5 gallons of positive thinking (sometimes we need a LOT just to balance the negative thinking out there). I can't wait to read more recipes and hear your opinions, William!

  2. What a wonderful plan and a very useful recipe! I like the 1 cup of good space, along with the gallons of positive thinking. I'd bet this recipe will cover quite a lot of ground. And I look forward to seeing future guest posts.

  3. Nifty recipe! Looking forward to his guest post!

  4. You go, William! Love the recipe...

  5. LOL, I love the P.S. And I'm curious what did Daddy say? Haha… Way to go William!

  6. i am looking forward to his guest spots, especially with this sneak preview :-)

  7. Foarte bună şi interesantă reţetă !La fel şi "prezentarea" ei.
    Philip e un adevărat poet şi minifilosof.
    Felicitări şi succes , Philip !

  8. Foarte interesantă reţetă , şi mai interesant mod de prezentare a ei !
    Întrucât nu văd contraindicaţii sau restricţii, consider că pot s-o folosesc.
    Philip se dovedeşte din nou un poet şi un minifilosof.
    Felicitări şi succes tuturor !


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