Thursday, January 24, 2013

New blog post on Artisan Whimsy

It was my turn again to post for the Metal team on the fabulous Artisan Whimsy site - this time with a slightly improved tutorial on wig jig, the blue necklace.

If you're a member of Artisan Whimsy, you can read the article here: Blue necklace - wig jig tutorial. If you aren't - you can always become one! The place is full with information and amazing artists!

If for some strange reasons you can't become a member of the Artisan Whimsy community, you can still see the original tutorial: Blue necklace tutorial on my site.

Wire-wrapped agate necklace (sterling silver, agate, wig jig technique) :: All Pretty Things


  1. so so pretty! this has always been a style i really like. i have something similar that i got when i was in my teens...still have it and still wear it. it has sterling filigree components and in between them are tigers eye rounds.

  2. I read this post on the train and thought I commented! I just love your wire work Alicia! It is so feminine


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