Monday, March 4, 2013

Burlington in Bloom

Sometimes in March there is a huge flower show and exhibition, called "Canada in bloom". This past weekend our Royal Botanical Garden (which we are blessed to live next door to) hosted an Orchid Show. The local chapter of the Orchid Association hosts this event once a year, and for some unknown reasons I missed it each and every year. As I say: I wasn't ready yet!

On Saturday I packed everybody in the car and we traveled the long 5 minutes to the Gardens :) I thought the child will want to go through the dinosaur exhibit as well - but... nope, an almost 10 yo boy was content to smell and admire and buy flowers. Oh, yes, you read it correctly: buy! The 4 store-bought orchids suddenly didn't seem enough and should I had won the lottery prior to this show I would have bought each and every one of those flowers. As it stands - we simply admired all and talked to the growers. A very friendly bunch of people: ready to explain at length what each flower is, and how to care for them, and where to find a specific one and on and on.

The funniest part is they had a raffle going every hour. We arrived 10 minutes before the draw for noon. The nice gentleman holding the tickets asked William to pick a ticket... and picked he did: one of our own! So we won a lovely orchid, and we received a bunch of papers on how to care for them :)

My new obsession is officially Orchids! Look at them, wouldn't you be obsessed as well?

The one we won!
One of the exhibits: there was a huge room full of arrangements like this
The blue frog (a very believable prop)
The child, checking names and fragrances

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  1. What lovely delicate beauty!
    i just love the bright color of the orchid you guys won!


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