Monday, March 18, 2013

Published... again!

Last week was March break and we had a crazy week - I took off on Wednesday for a nice trip to Toronto with William (more on it later this week) and on Friday we went again for a beauty tour-de-force :) I don't have tons of pictures - but I will share in a day or two, along with the stories.

On Friday we came back home to a neat surprise: my Step by Step wire Jewelry magazine was on the table. And in it? My 2nd design - this time the original 'Autumn in Amber'. I shared the picture with my mom and she quickly corrected me: the amber is over 48 years old (which makes it older than I am!). I mistakenly thought it was bought during her visit to Moscow in 1980 (for the Olympics) - it was brought from Moscow indeed, but by her good friend, who was a violoncellist in the Symphony Orchestra. I grew up with stories about Lenutza (short for Elena) I just didn't realize it was a gift from her.

However - the amber is 48+ years old and it's still gorgeous and you can find it on page 13 of the April-May edition:

Step by Step Wire Magazine April-May, 2013 :: All Pretty Things

Until I figure out if I can publish a picture of the actual magazine page - this is the necklace we are talking about:

Autumn in Amber: copper, amber, wire wrapping, OOAK necklace :: All Pretty Things


  1. Congrats Alicia! What a gorgeous necklace, and with so much sentimental meaning!

  2. Nice going, Alicia! A warm and inviting design.

  3. warm autumn colors and very very pretty :-D congrats Alicia!

  4. congrats its a beautiful piece I cant wait to get my copy and have a good look!

  5. I saw your necklace on page 13! It's wonderful! Congrats to you, Alicia! Nice to hear the full story behind the beads!

  6. Congrats Alicia, super happy for you! This year has started really well, hasn't it? ;)

  7. Hi. Congratulations! The necklace is stunning!


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