Saturday, March 16, 2013

Holiday Bling Blog Hop #3

'Wait... what Holiday? it's middle of March!' - I can hear you exclaiming.

However - there is a holiday every day, in fact there are many holidays every day and because our minds are usually focused on 'big' holidays (and those are scarce) our 'Holiday Bling' hosts, Marlene of Amazing Designs by Marlene and Shelley of Tori Sphia, have decided we can have a spring party, no need to wait until December. Thus - the #3 HBBH with one simple rule: make a piece (of jewelry or not) for a holiday that will be celebrated in February or March.

As usual, I got lucky and my partner this time was Sandra of Creative Chaos, a fellow Canadian, a fellow Ontarian, in fact - we've met through Lori's Bead Soup and we're now moving in the almost same social e-circles :)  After a short chat we have decided to keep it a surprise.

I knew from the start which Holiday I will choose and if you've followed my adventures for the past few weeks you'd know too. It is a spring holiday (more of a tradition) that it's found in 2 countries only: Romania and Bulgaria. The roots of this tradition are old (over 8,000 year old) and you can read more about it right in my post about Martisor (pronounced Martzishor).

I knew what technique I wanted to use, but I wasn't sure what to make - in the end I settled on a key: it is used often in the charms for Martisor, sometimes combined with a lock, but not always.

Martisor: weaving wire, coral, silver, ooak pendant :: All Pretty Things

I have decided to put it on a simple black leather piece with an unusual (for me) closure: a knotted adjustable area, just like you use in Shambala bracelets. It's not pictured, but if you ask her nicely, Sandra might take a picture and show it to you :) 

Martisor: weaving wire, coral, silver, ooak pendant :: All Pretty Things

I couldn't resist - one of the orchids has the most fuzzy pastel petals :) 

I wasn't very sure about the key (I like it, very much, but somehow - wasn't sure Sandra will) so I decided to make her a little extra:

Flower pin: amethyst, swarovski, silver :: All Pretty Things

I made only 2 such pins so far - I don't wear pins! But Sandra gave me an idea - I might just wear the other one soon :)

You'll have to check with Sandra now to see how she received her gifts :)

I will tell you now about my gift from her. She made me the most beautiful spring-like necklace I've ever seen:

Look at those beautiful colours and the cala pendant: don't they make you feel the spring is here already?! I think it's the gold in the wire that makes it such a warm piece, cheerful and lovely. She made it for Easter but I put it on right there, when I opened the package (I was in the parking lot at the office :))

Apparently I am a difficult person (and if you ask my mom, my mother-in-law, and my hubby - they will all agree): in the sense that when you make me something it might kink or take you longer than usual. The focal is the 2nd she used - I'd love to know what the 1st choice was!

Difficult or not, I am a proud wearer of this beauty!

This is my story for today:  I hope you have enjoyed the visit (I sure do and I am honoured to have you over!) - please make sure you visit the other lovely ladies and discover what everyone made for this party.

Our lovely hosts:

Marlene Cupo 
Shelley Graham Turner 

Alicia Marinache <= you're here
Catherine King
Chris Schlicht
Cynthia Machata
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell
Gina Hockett
Jennifer Reno
Laura Reed
Leanne Loftus
Lennis Carrier
Lori Bowring Michaud
Marti Conrad
Mary Govaars
Renetha Stanziano
Rita/ Toltec Jewels
Sandra McGriff
Sarah Goode
Sherri Stokey
Sonya Stille
Tammie Everly
Therese Frank
Tiffany Goff Smith


  1. I love the wire wrapped key. I do chain maille but my specialty is Bead Embroidery. I'll have to gussy up some courage and try wire wrapping. Lovely!

  2. Wow, that key is really cool. I agree difficult to please or not your gift is beautiful.

  3. Always love to see wire wrapping, love it!

  4. I'm always amazed that people can literally make something out of nothing with just wire. I'm still just learning wire wrapping so you've given me something to aspire to. Great to see a new tradition to learn about also.

  5. What a charming tradition/Holiday/custom! I love the key and the pin that you made, the key is my favorite. What a beautiful necklace that Sandra made for you! Thank you for the story.
    Gina H

  6. What an original interpretation of an ancient symbol, Alicia! i love Sandra's gift to you as well, very elegant and sophisticated.

  7. Two very cool pieces! I enjoyed reading your other post about the holiday.

  8. Love the key :) Just like you, I wore it right away :D And I had another idea for my pretty pin... I can put it on my hat :D I'll be sure to share a pic when I do ;)

  9. Great post and such cool pieces. This really was a great hop :-)

  10. Your wire work is always fantastic but you certainly out did yourself this time. Sure Sandra is in heaven. Thanks so much for joining us in this Holiday Celebration.

  11. I can't decide whether I like the pin or key more :)

  12. Wow! I really love your worek/ the key is stunning.

  13. Alicia, your wirewrapping is so impressive! I am envious of your talent. I tried my hand at it - NOPE! LOL
    Both of your pieces (showoff!)are beautiful but my favorite is the key. I found the story behind it so interesting. I read the post on your blog about Martisor. Love how you send the charms to the children so cool! Loved this idea and I KNOW Sandra loves your gifts too!
    Happy Agrarian New Year to you friend!
    ~ Shelley

  14. How good it is that you've brought Martisor to our Holiday Bling Blog Hop! I enjoyed reading your post on the tradition, and your idea to create a special talisman key for Sandra is inspired. Your wirework is simply wonderful, and she must be delighted! Likewise, the Spring Calla flower necklace she created for you is beautiful, with wonderful wirework as well. What an excellent, rich, and talented jewelry exchange from two very gifted & very cool Ontarians!

  15. Thank you for sharing Martisor with us - I hadn't ever heard of it and it sounds like you have some lovely traditions. Your wire wrapping is great!


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