Friday, April 19, 2013

Echo Creative Club

Jeannie Dukic if Jewlery by Jeannie is hosting a few intriguing challenges, one of them being the Echo Creative Club. Last year she opened the Echo Creative Club to people who would not fall into the rules - at the time I had all my ducks in the row, except for the publishing one. I wanted to be part of her club so badly that as soon as she accepted me as a guest I send what must have seemed tons of pictures to Denise Peck, the wonderful editor of Step by Step Wire Jewelry.

The rest is almost history - Denise picked one of my pieces, then in the winter she picked another one and as soon as my 2nd piece has been published I eagerly sent my application to Jeannie. Being such a sweetheart she accepted me and a couple of days ago a surprise waited for me in the mail:

Echo Creative Club by Jeannie Dukic :: All Pretty Things

Even the box is handmade (hand-painted and decorated) by Jeannie! Look at those delicious colours!

Echo Creative Club by Jeannie Dukic :: All Pretty Things

That beautiful envelope (also handmade) holds this lovely business card...

Echo Creative Club by Jeannie Dukic :: All Pretty Things

Can you imagine what surprises might wait for me there if so far what you've seen is the packaging?!

Echo Creative Club by Jeannie Dukic: art beads, polymer clay :: All Pretty Things

Can you spell I.N. L.O.V.E? The colours are fabulous, the designs are absolutely delicious and I found myself in the impossible situation of wanting to use all 4 of them at once!
Sketches are already being sketched... and dreams dreamed...

Thank you, Miss Jeannie for the opportunity and for the lovely components!!

And if you'd like to work with these beauties yourself - make sure you visit Jeannie's shop and 'steal' some :)


  1. Alicia - I can't wait to see what you make with Jeannie's fabulous pieces! I received that pretty bird in an orange color - it is really cute!

  2. What beautiful spring colors - gorgeous goodies!

  3. Alicia you're so sweet and I'm so happy your apart of the Echo Creative Club. I was thrilled for you when you sent me that email about being published. Many more to come for sure.


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