Monday, April 22, 2013

Treasures from overseas

This past week I have received many packages, all with treasures. You've learned about all others but one: the package from my mom.

She sends me various items from home: some have been in our family for years, some are brand new, some have emotional value, some have material value. For us it's like Christmas morning, a true one for adults as well. You know how you kind of know what's going to be under the tree?! I never know what my mom's packages will hold, it's fun to open them. 

I will show you part of this treasure, I need to take pictures of everything else.

First, some glass pearls: huge, probably 3/4" in diameter - but look at those colours! Hubby asked to be moved from the table,. he thought they are candy :) And they are candy: for the eye!

Eye candy: pastel glass pearls :: All Pretty Things

Various items: 3 large resin roses, absolutely lovely! More glass pearls, some turquoise, a few cute beaded beads - and those cracked paint hearts: those are vintage, older than I am (from mom's best friend's grandmother).

Treasures: resin roses, glass pearls, cracked pain hearts :: All Pretty Things

Do you see the green heart? There were 3 or 4 of them: they are mother of pearl, drilled through the center, and vintage too (same source as above)

Can you believe it how lucky I am? Mom sent me flower brass filigrees! I wanted some for so long - and now I have 10 to play with!

Treasures: brass flower filigree :: All Pretty Things

This is an exquisite collection: Swarovski crystals (she received them from a friend who likes to make jewelry, but has way too many supplies - does it sound familiar?!), some nice ceramic stones (love that colourful vortex) and Murano glass. I thought it might be Murano-like, but no, it is real Murano, her friend visited Italy a few years back. Need to figure out a special design for those flowers!

Treasure: Swarovski, Murano, ceramic :: All Pretty Things

And last, but not least - a collection of glass beads and cabs. They are opalescent and in beautiful pastel shades... the yellowish pieces are large, and have no holes, perfect for wire wrapping!

Treasures: glass in various forms :: All pretty Things

My collection of beads and supplies is ever-growing... time to make something new :)

What treasures have you uncovered recently?!


  1. what a huge gift of goodies! there is so much color and so many possibilities. those purple ones in the top left of the third photo are intriguing. and the rainbow wave is awesome! cannot wait to see how these pop up in your jewelry :-)

    1. It holds, indeed, so many possibilities. I must take pictures of the last 2 packages she sent - there are some gorgeous vintage beads in there, you'll love them (seed beads too)

  2. Now that my kind of "SOS package" from home, Alicia!

    1. LOL - I like that, SOS :) You're absolutely right, they're saving my soul every time!

  3. Wow, what a fun and inspiring collection of new goodies!

    Happy creating. :-)

  4. So much inspirations here! I love receiving old beads from broken jewelry to re-purpose. I am sure you will have a ball playing with all your new pieces!

  5. Mă bucur nespus să văd că pachetele mele provoacă atâta bucurie!
    Spor la treabă şi cât mai multe idei şi realizări !


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