Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art Jewelry Elements - the Earring challenge; week 13/14

There are many wonderful online communities - and by far the best are the artistic ones. I've started my journey with Lori's Bead Soup Party last year and I found myself today part of countless groups and communities. I am not as active as I would love to on all of them, to do that I would need a day that has about 200 hours and counting :)

One of these wonderful communities is Art Jewelry Elements and they had a neat challenge: one pair of earrings every week, with a by-weekly post. I missed the beginning of the year, but luckily for me the ladies at AJE made it into 4 quarters, so I'll be able to participate during the 2nd quarter.

The 7th reveal (week 13-14) is here and so am I with a couple of earrings - one you recently saw, from the AW magazine 5x5 testers:

For some strange reasons I love these earrings: they are light and fun to wear! The aluminum flat wire was a pleasure to work with, and so was the bronze vintage wire.

The 2nd pair is wire wrapped as well:

Wrapped around the sterling silver frame are amethysts and a Swarovski crystal for a touch of bling.

Thank you for visiting! There are many designs to choose from - please visit our great hosts @ Art Jewelry Elements for the earrings show.


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