Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 steps - How to deal with (difficult) people

Today's post has nothing to do with my art - just with my life.

I had encountered a few situations this past week and all boiled down to the people & their behaviour. One particular day my son even asked me how am I not getting boiling angry?! (he knows me by now :)) So it made me think - why am I not getting angry? Simply because I kept following 3 simple steps:

1. Smile
No matter what I had on my mind, I kept smiling. I am firm believer in the power of the smile - apparently the scientists have discovered that the smile is first physical and then emotional (as in: the muscles moving your mouth and face into a smile are coming before you're feeling happy or amused). Even if that's not true - if you smile the whole world will look so much better. And the best thing about a smile? It is FREE!

2. Don't take it personally
This is a hard one to achieve, but it can be done. If your boss is just brushing your comments in a somewhat rude manner - don't think it's because you've done something wrong, or he doesn't appreciate you. Maybe he had a rough morning. Maybe someone he cares about is sick or maybe he simply had a bad dream and cannot shake it off. As soon as you imagine the other person being... a person, and not a perfect thing - you might cut yourself some slack too. And as soon as you don't take it personally (and don't react negatively to her comments) you'll see your world changing too. 99% of the people will realize they were rude and they will apologize. This way - instead of having 2 unhappy people - you'll actually do something good: you made the other person feel better too!

3. Don't worry
Well - this one is by far the hardest. However, there is a very simple formula you can practice over and over until you start getting results. And trust me, once you see results, you'll keep going.
What's the formula? You know how they say - a picture is better than a thousand words, so here it is:

Disclaimer: I picked it up from FaceBook, however it is something I've been 'preaching' to my family for over 10 years now :)

Here you have it - 3 steps: Smile, Don't take it personally, and Don't worry. Simple, eh?

It's your turn now: what helps you go through difficult moments?
Please share so we all can make the world better one moment at a time.