Wednesday, October 19, 2011

William's necklace

When I visit the bead store in Toronto I am usually accompanied by my 8 year old son. With a very artsy vein in his soul, he's a delight to take with you, albeit an expensive delight, I must admit. I always encouraged him to express himself and he has a very good eye for colour, even if sometimes his designs can get too busy. Whenever we go to the store he gets his own basket, a budget and goes around picking stuff - the funniest moment this time was how he was calculating how much each thing costs, since there were some discounts (mommy, what's 30% of 18? wait! don't tell me... I pay around 12... not too bad, I'll take it).

Coming back home - I had to work on my stuff while helping him (I am starting / ending his necklaces, he designs and strings them). And boy, were we ever productive! Between the two of us we managed 4 necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings :)

Name necklace: sterling silver, enamel charms :: All the Pretty ThingsThe one I'm presenting today is his name-necklace - for lack of a better... name!

On silver plated chain, with enamel letters and a well-found charm: this is the perfect personalized gift for anybody you know: a child or just a playful person. Or for that man in your life you never know what to give - a personalized bracelet with his name (or the name of a loved one) and some charms.

A mini-contest: who can find out a good name for my son's necklace?

P.S. Yes, it has been designed by him, and he picked his own charms (colour, style, and everything).

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