Saturday, October 8, 2011


The season I learned to love the most (especially since moving to our new home, Canada) is autumn. I used to love spring - back in Europe the spring starts late February and ends at the end of May, a proper 3 month season :) The whole nature comes to live slowly; you have tons and tons of flowers, gradually. Here - we manage to fit all that in about 2 weeks in May, and then we start the hot and humid summer. But fall - oh... the colours of the leaves changing (especially the red of the Maple!) and the not-too-hot-and-not-too-cold temperatures, plus the Indian summer days... Fall is now my favourite season.

Autumn bracelet - copper wire, Czech glass, mother of pearl beads, crochet :: All the Pretty ThingsWith that in mind a few years back I was thinking of making something for my mom (whose birthday is in the fall as well) - I know she loves colour and hates dullness. So I took out my stash of beads and accidentally spilled a couple of different beads... you know how best inventions come from accidents? That was me that day - the combination wasn't yet perfect, but gave me a wonderful Idea so I continued to combine various beads until I came to the one you see here.

There is a complete set: a bracelet, necklace & earrings - the bracelet is shown here: crochet cuff with copper wire, and the glass, wood, and shell beads.

It combines two crafts I love the most: crochet & beading. It is also a constant reminder of what a beautiful season we are going through, before winter arrives.

What is your favorite season?


  1. Stopped by from #blogboost. My favorite seasons are autumn and spring. I love how the environment changes in those seasons too. Different colors, smells, and wildlife. I love that you use the season to inspire the creation of your jewelery:)

  2. Thank you for visiting. Yes, I know what you mean - I too love nature and I believe it is part of who I am, so it's in what I do and make as well.

  3. I love summer! Stillness of a hot day, sound of the waves, dinging of wind chimes while sipping ice tea on the porch...


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