Thursday, October 27, 2011

Colours (Blue)

Today I am not ready to talk about any of the new pieces made in the past few weeks (mainly because I have no pictures).

So I will talk about colours and I will start, of course, with blue.

As the colour of sky and ocean - blue is perceived as a symbol of depth & stability. It is a calming colour - and has been used as a decor shade for children's rooms. However, use it sparingly and in pale shades, because it is a cold colour (as opposed to yellow, red, or green).

It has been a symbol of masculinity for ages (the pink vs. blue anyone?) and it symbolizes power: check how many corporations have navy or dark blue as their colours. And most likely because of that choice blue came to be associated with trust, knowledge, even expertise. Hence - it is used a lot by marketing companies.

Speaking of marketing - don't use it in ads pertinent to food. Because there are almost no natural blue foods in nature (save blueberries), blue became synonym to 'not-good-for-consumption'. Serve your food on a blue plate and your appetite will decrease dramatically - maybe we should invent a 'blue diet' :)

Because its calming effects on mind and body (apparently it slows down metabolism) blue is considered a colour of tranquility, even sincerity.

It is also a preferred colour for writing on paper - its contrast with white is not that dramatic.

And let's not forget the Royal Blue - one of the most amazing shades I've ever seen. It is said to have been invented about 200 years ago, by a consortium of millers which won a competition to make a dress for a British Queen (by wikipedia).

My #1 colour: calm, powerful, and beautiful.

What is your favourite colour? I'd love to hear your thoughts!