Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Google Doodle :: Mies van der Rohe architecture
If you're not an architect or have some serious interest in architecture I suspect you didn't know what google's image today was for... I, for one, was wondering if my son's social studies latest project is somewhat related (they're building a city with geometrical shapes - in the process learning a lot about shapes and communities!).

Then I remembered, as soon as I read his name - you see, I had a wonderful friend, architect and when he was talking I thought I am not listening... but I did, at least some :) One thing is for sure: next time I'm in Toronto I am going to pay more attention to the TD Centre, a building Mies vand der Rohe designed... many eons ago... with a flare for how the future will look like.

Next time you take a walk - pay attention to the buildings around you and try to learn something about them: who designed them? when? who built them? what's their history? If you live in North America - do the same exercise on your first opportunity of an overseas trip - I guarantee you the exercise is humbling (to say the least :))

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