Thursday, March 8, 2012


In our 'how to...' series - today about birthstones.

The moment of birth is being held in all cultures as an important one (it only makes sense :)) - since ancient times mankind has associated various symbols with the birthday: zodiacs, colours, numbers, even a precious stone. Each month has its own symbols and meanings - and it is believed that you'll benefit the most from the powers of your birthstone if you wear it during your month of birth.

January is associated with Garnet - symbolizing prosperity and health. It is thought  that garnet will bring success in business, as well as friendship, and protection on trips. Garnet is a mineral, mostly know for its deep red (although it can be found in many other hues: yellow, violet, orange).

February is associated with Amethyst - with a meaning of wisdom and security. Amethyst, with its beautiful purple shade, is believed to protect against negative energies, bring pleasant dreams, and help in meditation.

March is associated with Aquamarine - with a meaning of loyalty and happiness. Due probably to its beautiful shades it is thought to protect the sailors and the travelers by water.

April is associated with no other gem than Diamond - its meaning being eternal love (hence its wide usage as an engagement stone in recent times). The name comes from the Greek 'adamas' and means 'undistructable' (since diamonds cannot be cut by any other stone), which suggest the eternity of true love. Diamond is one of the only 4 precious gems: diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. All others are semi-precious stones.

May is associated with Emeralds - with a meaning of patience and understanding. Long being held as a symbol of hope, emerald is considered a stone of prophecy, bringing the wearer reason and wisdom.

June is associated with Pearl / Moonstone - with a meaning of purity and happiness. The pearl is the only organic gemstone (coming from a living organism: the oyster) and there are many legends associated with it. In one of them - a drop of rain fell from Heaven becoming the hearth of an oyster, and giving birth to the first pearl. Symbolizing purity and innocence it is widely used in bridal accessories or embroidery.

Come read us next week - for the remaining 6 months and their birthstones.


  1. Thank you Alicia, for the insight on the meanings of the birthstones.

    1. Thank you, Therese, glad you like it. Can you believe I have never owned or even worn my own birthstone? For some strange reasons - emeralds don't seem to be as used as rubies, sapphires, or the oh-so-precious diamond :) I have to find and make myself something with an emerald!


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