Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has Sprung (Swarovski glass pearls, sterling silver, crochet wire) :: All Pretty ThingsA gorgeous day today (albeit cold!): sunny with that glass-blue sky. Today is my 'baba'... how am I going to explain this tradition?! I know - Wikipedia to the rescue: The Legend of Baba Dochia. As you can see (at the very end of the article) - there is a custom associated with this legend: women will pick a day between March 1st and 9th to be 'their baba' and watch how the day turns: if it's nice, they'll be nice when getting older, if not... well, you get the idea :) Back in Romania beginning of March will be spring already, so you'll have a 'chance' at being nice when growing older... here - well, if you count just the temperature, you're toast :) So I go by the actual weather, ignoring the temperature: judging by how gorgeous this days is, I'll be a very nice old lady... lol.

Spring has Sprung (Swarovski glass pearls, sterling silver, crochet wire) :: All Pretty Things
With that in mind - today I am going to talk about a beautiful necklace I made long time ago: it is one of the first wire crochet necklaces I put together, using glass pearls in a gorgeous mint green and white. When you add the sterling silver brightness to the match you end up with a very happy necklace. I love wearing it - it is light and comfortable and it reminds me of spring. I love wearing it in winter, makes the winter blues go away.

When I designed it, I wasn't sure how everything will come together - I knew the minty pearls will be cheerful and joyful, but when I finished it I had a huge smile on my face: it is an incredible happy piece.

Besides being happy, it is extremely versatile: the pearls make it look wonderful with jeans or with a beach dress, with a business attire or with an evening dress - and it is a perfect additions to a bride's dress!

Here it is: the Spring Has Sprung necklace. Hope you like it too :)

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