Friday, March 9, 2012

How people found me...

A few days ago I was looking for what are the search keywords people will use to get to my blog (blogger and google analytics will both reveal such useful pieces of information)

angel drop (sterling silver, glass or pearls) :: All the Pretty Things
I was surprised to see the #1 keyword was 'angels' - as the only angels posts I have are the one with the angel candles (I love those candles and my friends still have them as a keepsake, they have never burned them :)), the angel stained glass, and  the more recent Shambala bracelet / Angel drop for the 7000 bracelet blog hop and the giveaway (have you entered the giveaway?!)

Purple Butterfly (sterling silver, amethyst, stones, quartz, Czech glass) :: All the Pretty ThingsNext in line was 'royal diamond necklace side view' - which stumped me a bit... I have no royal and diamonds on my blog... or I do not recall... but it's interesting :)

'Pictures of butterflies' and 'Pearl necklace with silver crochet wire and copper beads' (that was a mouthful!) were neck-in-neck next. I get it: I talk about butterflies a lot, I pictured them too (at least one post I can recall, here) and same about pearls, silver, crochet wire (no copper beads yet, maybe in the future).

My son did NOT swallow a frog!
A few others followed... then... came this: 'my son swallowed a frog' - err... I am truly sorry for your son! but seriously, google? how do you manage to get my stories about my son and its frog and animals into swallowing them?! I tried hard not to laugh (since someone had a real issue out there) but I could only imagine a frantic mother trying to see how to solve the issue and coming up with an arts & crafts website...

There you have it: the Friday Fun with a Frog (we'll call it 3F!)

Do you have a blog? Did you get strange query phrases? What's the strangest you've encountered?


  1. Very funny! My husband laughed so hard when someone went to my site after typing in"hairy Jamaican women". I promise I only wrote about that country a few times and never about the women's hair.


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