Friday, September 21, 2012

From time to time...

... I check the Traffic sources right here, in blogger. Not as often as I should, probably, but often enough to have a chuckle.

Proud to be Canadian, Eh?! :: All Pretty Things
People apparently get dropped on my blog after searching for "proud to be canadian" or "". Normal, I would say, since I talk about being Canadian and a proud one as often as possible.

Or they find me by searching "chainmaille jewelry patterns with beads in the middle" (very specific, I would say!) or "polymer clay swirly focal beads tutorial" or "different types of blue stone". It makes me proud - my tutorials and gemstone articles are getting out there :) My work is not in vane!

Then I get searches like this one "20000 leagues under the sea party food". Huh?! I get the 20000 leagues under the sea (I have a piece named that way). But... associated with 'party food'? That's plain strange. I hope the person who stumbled upon my blog with that search was charmed by the little gift for my SIL. Which reminds me - her birthday is approaching :)

Somehow my blog came up in a search for "man goes into a restaurant and is seated"; oddly enough that would be one of my recent Sunday jokes. Jokes are good for your blogging!

And then - again! - the "disecting a fish" search. I wonder if the person looking for that information is a follower of some sort... This also explains why 'Raising a Son' got such a huge high view numbers in the past month :) [and now it'll get even more, since I awoken your curiosity :)]

What are your strange / unusual queries?!


  1. you had me laughing at this one! I just did the same this past week. And the one I couldn't figure out was a query for "poop green color" ... I kid you not. I do like the color green ...? but wow, just wow. Wonder what that person thought when they landed on my blog, or worse ... what were they looking for?

    1. Oh, my, Cynthia, that beats my fish :) I can only hope it was a poor first-time parent trying to find out if he/she needs to call the doctor or just clean the baby! That's a good one!


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