Monday, September 10, 2012

Fundraiser auction for a great human being

In the past year I e-met lots of wonderful persons - and Tanya Boden of Fusion Muse is no exception.

We've met on and off on facebook, during various events, she remarkably volunteered to the herculean task of putting together a special website for the equally herculean Bead Soup #6... I read her blog articles with interest and participated in her Free Beads for Blogging event (yes, she does send you free beads! and yes, she's still doing it - you can visit her page and check).

Larimar from Fusion Muse :: All Pretty Things
Just 10 days ago, during the CBC de-stash event we got talking as she put more items for sale and I kept buying (you need to check her beauties, she has gemstones you don't usually find in the bead store!)

That's when I discovered she is sick and needs a transplant; but before that - she needs more tests to be done. She's a very positive energy and my heart broke, it seems lots of people I know have some troubles of some sort of another. She's such a sweet person and I hope we'll have many years to chat, maybe visit - but her race is against time.

Besides sending prayers and love - there is more that can be done. A Facebook group has been created, with a fundraiser to help her get the help she needs. This is your chance to 'Pay it Forward'.

Below are the details for the auction - I hope you will visit and help our lovely Tanya!

Fund Raiser Auction to Benefit Tanya Boden who has been critically ill for some time and needs further tests in order to...
be placed on a transplant list.

Auction will run from now Eastern time until Sunday September 16th at 8:00PM Eastern time.

*To donate an item, upload the photo to the “Tanya's Fundraiser Album” and include the following information in the description area: 1) retail price, 2) starting bid, 3) shipping charges or if you are offering free shipping, 4) will you ship international, and 5) a brief description of the item you are donating. The album is located here: Or you can locate it by clicking on photos on the light blue tool bar.

Please note we would like all your items to be added before Thursday Midday (Eastern time) to give bidders a chance to look things over before the final days. Thank you for taking this into consideration.

*Bidders! For your convenience, all items are located in the “Tanya’s Fundraiser Album”. To bid, simply state your bid in the comment section under the picture of the item you want. Payment instructions will be provided to each winning bidder at the end of the auction.

THANK YOU Everyone!


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