Friday, October 19, 2012

Alicia's Studion

A while back we started to slowly, but surely, arrange some of the rooms in the house. We've been in the house for 8 years now and some areas need some extra TLC. Add to that the ever growing child and you get the perfect formula for lots of small renos every few years :)

After the deck in the spring, it came the time for our son's room. While doing his room - some of the items (mainly the crafts) had to come out... so I took this perfect time to modify the attic into my own studio (thus liberating the living room from the overflowing boxes and items).

When we moved into this house - actually when we were looking - each of us fell in love with something different: hubby loved the extra den (which, by the way, is next on the list of fixing and getting its floor changed), everyone loved it is a bungalow (no more up the stairs, down the stairs) and I... I loved the attic. I grew up in a small city where houses had real attics - some with rooms created, some just a storage space. When we came to Canada, our first house was a brand new one - where the attic is full of... foam. The few years we stayed in that house I kept thinking how much space is totally and utterly wasted in the attic, so when I saw this house having stairs to go up I thought it'll be just another storage area.

Imagine my surprise when we discovered 2 huge areas for storing and... a fully functional room. With a 2-piece bathroom (that bathroom is the nicest looking in the whole house: it has wood paneling and it's never cluttered, since it's never used :)). And - a skylight too! It was my dream room - I dreamt about a room like that for years.

The room became first a nice relaxing area... but has been cluttered for a while now...

After working for a couple of days on it, and taking almost everything out - it first looked like this:


 As you can see: a mighty mess! Boxes, and toys, and boxes with toys everywhere.

Little by little, spending all my free time to fix it, it finally became this:

Toys and books and the music centre in one corner, all nice and quiet; except for the radio: I set it on Country Music and I am having fun! The old toy basket holds 2 maps now, but the rolls of wrapping paper will get into it soon (I figured I'll do the transfer when I start wrapping the Christmas gifts)

One of the bookshelves that came out of the child's room: it is now holding jewelry and art magazines and books, and lots of boxes with... beauties. The vintage items my mom is sending me are finally in their own boxes, and there is still room for improvement in organizing the content of the other boxes - but at least they are not piling on the floor in the living room. Big step forward.

This is the crafts corner: the carton boxes hold fabrics and yarn (2 of my other favourite past-times) - and the craft items that were scattered everywhere in this house made it on that small shelf. I probably need a small extra table to work with my son on crafts - unless I want to bring them on the kitchen table... which I really don't anymore :)

Last, but definitely not least: my table! This is, believe it or not, our very first desk we bought with our very first pay cheque here, in Canada. I need a better chair (just figured it out in the last few days, while working there :)) - but otherwise it is perfect: it has that sliding shelf (it used to be a computer desk) and the computer nook (where I currently have the sewing machine) holds room for more little shelves, as it is on the side. Lots of room!

The walls will be filled with William's work (which you see on the futon in one of the pictures above).

And look at that skylight - isn't it absolutely delicious?! natural light during the day and an extra lamp when needed... can I ask for more?!

Well, actually - I can... but about that on another post :)


  1. what a great space! bright and angular and not the kitchen or dining room or living room ( i know how that goes! ). You have it set up so nicely~you'll be surprised how much that opens up your creativity! I Love attic spaces! I don't have one, but someday maybe. I love the cozy quiet feel of them. Enjoy Alicia!

  2. Great set up, a room for everyone in the house. Absolutely adore the skylight. It must make for some great lighting while you are crafting and picture taking. Enjoy, sweet lady. You deserve it!

  3. great space! Love that you have a skylight! my 'reclaimed' space for my studio is a basement room, which I love. But no natural light. Enjoy you new creative corner of the house!

  4. What a lovely creative space. That skylight is dreamy. Natural light - yay! Enjoy!

  5. Wonderful! I always dream about something like this too...but I don't think I am getting anything of the sort in this lifetime :((

    1. Awesome skylight! It is so important to have good natural light ;)

  6. Thank you, ladies!

    I don't take advantage too much of the actual day light right now (as I work mostly in the evening and at night) - but when I work during the day it's gorgeous! It also gives me a sense of freedom: all I see is the sky!

    Thanks for visiting!


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