Monday, October 15, 2012

Looking for a name

During the preparations for the History Blog Hop I have tried many ideas. Nothing seemed Victorian enough, though, so I kept trying.

This is the piece I said I won't show it to you during the blog hop, it doesn't look very Victorian to me. In fairness it is not the original design - my idea was to build multiple chains from the focal to the back, but I encountered a very interesting problem: while very beautiful, the chain is extremely small, making it difficult impossible to pull everything through. While I could use the wire to attach it to the focal (I am not very fond of the idea, though), I couldn't figure out how to attach it to the original chain... short to making my own jump rings from a very fine, but hard gauge. I'm open to suggestions :)

Until then - the piece is beautiful as is: in silver plated wire and real rubies (from Tanya) - a delicate and romantic necklace.

Oh, yes - I am looking for a name for it! I draw a complete blank when I tried to find one - and yes, you've seen the design before, it is a variation of the pendant I made for Therese in the Holiday Bling blog hop :)

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  1. this style is fabulous! i made these a while back and called them "Haywire". yours are MUCH better than mine and different in a great way, but they did remind me of them a bit. you could go use that name if you like it. Or "Organized Chaos" comes to mind too :-)


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