Saturday, October 27, 2012

Solar Flare - Blog Hop

As you know from previous posts - this weekend is home for 3 Blog Hops.

This post is for the Solar Flare Blog Hop

Back in September Sam from Ultimate Supplies took a gorgeous picture of a sunset down in California. It was during one of those solar storms and the picture became the inspiration for Sam's first blog hop.

During the summer days, following Sandra's Creative Chaos design Challenge I was the lucky winner of her giveaway and she promptly sent me a beautiful red jade focal. I stared at it for a long time, I even took it with me on our trip to South Carolina, in an attempt to find something that will work with. Nothing matched nicely.

Until one day, while browsing our LBS (local bead store) when I finally knew what I want to do with it. I bought the materials and... life intervened so it stood like that, in a little bag: the red jade focal, matching red jade carved beads, dyed silk, glass doughnuts, and some fake leather thread (I don't know how would you call it).

Until Sam's Solar Flare picture - when I realized it will match perfectly.

So here it is: the necklace that I used no tools to make :) absolutely none!

Red and bright blue, a very bold combination, not tamed by anything in the necklace :) My Bold Solar Flare!

A few more details:

The jade elements have been knotted on the blue waxed thread, while the blue glass doughnuts have been just slid on the dyed silk: both are very light and they stay nicely put.
I really love the look of it - and the sound too! The glass beads hit the jade beads and they make a charming sound :)

So here you have my interpretation of Sam' Solar Flare.

Thank you for visiting - and please make sure you check the other participants too!

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  1. oh nice! love the big sun in there and the blue goes so well with it!

  2. I love the blues in this piece - and the red jade is stunning!

  3. i love what you did and the great contrast of colors


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