Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crazy month

I hope I am not biting more than I can chew - one thing is sure, I am enjoying all the challenges and blog hops and they force me to work (Procrastination is my middle name!)

Here are a few challenges for this month:

First one (started yesterday!) is the Uncaged Challenge - for the month of October every day the participants need to put (at least) one item in their store. If you read the post from yesterday (you should and can right here - it has 2 giveaways!) you know that's exactly the type of challenge that moved me in the right direction with the blog a year ago. I hope it'll do the same for me this time, since the store is the one in most need of TLC! Join us - it should be fun.

October Uncaged Challene
On Saturday - there is the Holiday Bling Blog Hop, hosted by Marlene and Shelley. I received my package from wonderful Therese and I cannot wait to share it with you! I don't think you've ever seen such beauties before - come back on Saturday and you'll enjoy the stories with me :)
In a moment of 'oops' I recalled the Saturday after, on the 13th (yeah, really oops :)) I have entered yet another challenge: Leah's History Blog Hop. I'm in the Victorian style and I need to start working on it. Soon. I do have some ideas - and with moving the art studio up in the attic (more on this later this week) I can now finally see my materials and main ingredients (without having to get everything out in a chaotical chaos)... which means I will probably be better equipped to create something (or so I hope).

Towards the end of October I have decided to try my hands at bead weaving - I, who cannot bead weave!! But I think that's the best way to learn, especially when I will have the support of my wonderful Christmas swap partner, Therese from Therese's Treasures! It is the RAW (right Angle Weave) or St. Petersburg. What got into you, you'll righfully ask? The day before I saw this challenge I was watching a video for St. Petersburg stitch and I loved it... When I saw the challenge on Therese's blog I took it as a sign - and I never pass 'signs' :)

You know about the Charm Swap (because you read all my posts, aren't you?!) - that reveal will be on the 27th of October (tentatively, if everyone can receive their charms by then).

Also on the 27th there is the reveal and blog hop for Sharyl's Bead Packet Design.

Then there is Sam's Solar Flare Blog Hop. He captured a gorgeous picture of a sunset and we are supposed to use it as an ispiration for one creation. Oh, the possibilities - look at those rich colours! I can almost see the piece - and I even have the materials I need! Knowing myself so well - I believe I will simply change my mind a thousand times before the reveal :) You'll have to come back towards the end of the month - October 28th it is the reveal.
Sam's Solar Flare :: All Pretty Things
Also on the 28th there is Rita's (from Toltec Jewels) Octoberfest Blog Hop. This one should be an easy one - since I love fall and its colours... I decorate all the time for fall (I could take a picture of my desk right now and be done!). And I also have some gems I want to use for this...
Ocotber Fest @ www.jewelschoolfriends.com :: All Pretty Things
This makes for a crazy-busy month and a monster last weekend of October, with no less than 5 *five* challenges / blog hops / reveals... Wish me luck!
What are you up to?

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