Friday, February 10, 2012

Hops and Hopes

By now you know I stumbled upon the Bead Soup Blog Party and I finally gathered all my wits and elements to make something with my soup... no nothing done yet, no worries, I am the perfect procrastinator - it's going to happen on March 1st if I know myself :) hopefully not!

In the meantime, hopping from blog to blog (which is the intention of the whole party, after all) I managed to get myself into 2 more events, both charity related.

One is 7000 bracelets for Hope: a wonderful initiative to help raising awareness on rare diseases, no matter what they will be. The idea is quite simple - you sign-up by Saturday and make a bracelet in the next 2 weeks. Anything you please - using blue. How could I resist such a call? I who should change my name into Miss Blue :)

The other one is an Auction also being held towards the end of the month - for helping a family here, in Ontario, going through something no family should go through: their beautiful daughter is being treated for a form of cancer. You can find more details on their Facebook page: Project MEERAcles.

If you feel you could be a hummingbird for any of them (or both) - please do so.

May the Hope be with you!


  1. I'm doing the 7000 hop, too! I have a weird/rare disease and was drawn to it -- thankfully, my son is healthy and I thank God for that every day.

    1. Can't wait to see your bracelet! I must have changed my mind a million times today, while cleaning / organizing my workspace... and I found so many blue beads / stones! I settled for 2: one I know exactly how to make it, the other, I am still looking at the beautiful square beads for the idea to pop-up :)

      Glad to hear your son is healthy! Hope you're feeling better too!


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