Monday, February 6, 2012

Party time! (2)

As I mentioned in a previous post I am participating in Lori's Bead Soup Party and I have received my beads last week. Over the weekend I managed to take pictures :)

This is what Dita Basu sent me:

Pretty, isn't it?

There are some beautiful wood beads, in very bright happy colours:

Beads in my favourite colour - turquoise:

A couple of black & white Krobo beads - I had to search for them and find more: they are handmade in Africa, from recycled glass, through a labour-intensive process; each bead is manually painted and re-fired (for more info read Krobo beads):

A couple of wonderful toggle clasps: one in gun metal, very well in-tone with the upcoming Valentine's day:

and one in sterling silver:

They both match an idea I have - however, they're both too beautiful to use only half of the clasp... they'll most likely end up in another idea :)

As for the focal - I got not one, but two!

A polymer clay disc from Laurel Stevens graciously embellished with flowers (thanks you, Terri from Beads2Die4 for the info):

And last, but definitely not least, a jade donut in amazing colouring:

And all together, again:

Thank you, Dita!

Now... to the 'drawing board' :)

The result - on March 3rd!


  1. What a fab mix of textures to play with. I can't wait to see what you make with them :)

  2. ooooooo, I like, actually, I LOVE everything about your soup.

    1. Thanks - I love it too... I just brought out all my other beads and trying to mix and match :) Fun, fun, fun!

  3. Lovely soup with lots of possibilities. The disc is polymer clay from Laurel Stevens.

    1. Cool - thanks for the info; and for stopping by!

      Yes - the possibilities are endless, that's what I love about this idea of 'soup'.

  4. That jade donut is screaming out for some matching lampwork beads -- love all the eclectic goodness!

    1. That's an idea - as soon as I figure out a good lampwork bead supplier, our local store doesn't have a large variety... or maybe as soon as I learn how to make some myself (this weekend :)).

      Thanks, Lori :)

  5. looking forward to see what you'll make!

    1. Thank you - I have the post all ready and set to go... my fingers ache to say 'Publish now'... wait, it's published, but scheduled for 12:01 am on Saturday :) What a long weekend will that be!


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