Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to pick the length of your necklace

Necklace Size Chart :: All Pretty Things
Today - a short article about different lengths and when / how to pick them.

As you probably know - there are a variety of lengths a necklace can take. With bracelets it's easy: they need to match your wrist. With necklaces - well... we can play with their length.

The shortest one is collar - at 12-13 inches long it shows your neck (you might want to have a slim neck to wear a collar) and is usually strung of pearls and very precious gemstones or diamonds - think queens and princesess with a precious gown. It is mostly worn in very formal and elegant occasions, although it might be pulled of for informal attire. The dress should clear the collar area (don't wear it with a turtleneck). It projects a very sophisticated look, however you need to be comfortable with something so snug around your neck (most people aren't).

If you're not comfortable wearing a collar (or your neckline doesn't allow you to) - the next size is a chocker: 14-16 inches long. It is sometimes worn in multiple strands (think Jackie Kennedy and her famous 3 strands pearl necklace) and it attracts attention to your long lovely neck. It is equally suitable for formal (evening) and informal (all day) occasions. A chocker is usually worn on skin (the neckline of your attire is lower than the necklace).

The most common length is the one called princess at 17-19 inches long. It is very popular and can be worn with almost any attire. Worn with a higher or lower neckline, it is great with pendants - just make sure your necklace and clothing are happy together.

The matinee necklace is 20-24 inches long and it is suitable for business attire, but it can be easily used with a more casual attire. Can be worn with both very high or very low necklines - as the necklace falls down to the breastbone make sure the blouse / top doesn't have embelishments that can visually clash with the necklace.

Elegant and sophisticated the opera necklace is 26-36 inches long - it is mostly worn with evening or formal attires. Caution: it draws attention to the wearer chest.

Well known to the 20's and 30's era the rope is over 45 inches long and worn in a single strand will draw attention to the torso / waist area. However - it can be easily shortened by wearing it in double or triple strands, or by knotting the rope.

The necklace you wear is used to adorn and beautify you - choose the suitable one for the occasion and the attire, and make sure it complements your style and compliments your figure.

Next week: tips on how to choose accessories based on your face / figure.


  1. Hi Alicia - Love your blog and I'm just doing a little pre-party hopping to say Hello. This is a great post about necklace length.

    1. Hi Sharon - Thanks for stopping by! I haven't started my 'hopping' yet, trying to get the ToDo list back on track :) Soon...

  2. Many thanks to my most dilligent reader (my mom!) who pointed out I used and bolded the wrong word in the 'Chocker' paragraph :) All fixed now - Thanks, mom!


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