Monday, October 15, 2012

And the Winners are...

Two weeks ago I had a giveaway for my one year 'blogoversary' as someone put it so cutely into a new word :)

I was giving away my 'Caught you!' pendant and my 'Pretty and Strong in Pink' bracelet.

Caught you! pendant: copper, jade, chainmaille :: All Pretty Things

Pretty and Strong in Pink: awareness bracelet, sterling silver, jade :: All Pretty Things

Then I realized... it's really up to the recipients, so I will let them choose one *or* the other :)

And now - drum rolls please.... the winners are:

Shaiha Williams

Congratulations, ladies - an email has been sent to both of you!

Thank you all for your participation and your support.

We will do some more giveaways soon, stay tuned!

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