Saturday, October 13, 2012

History Blog Hop - the reveal

Welcome to the History Blog Hop.

Leah from Beady Eyed Bunny decided to have some fun with historical periods and made it into a Blog Hop. She assigned me the Victorian period.

I love Victorian period - I find it at time a bit too 'stiff', but I definitely love the jewelry. They are elegant and very rich (not only money-wise). I could create a Victorian piece - but I complicated my challenge... I wanted a piece I could wear... during the day. Well, that was a challenge.

My sketches are really bad, I won't show them to you - but I can tell this: I went through 5 different designs before deciding on what to do. That's in 2 days :)

I finally set my heart onto this design:

Aqua pendant: Victorian era inspire, Sterling Silver, Swarovski :: All Pretty Things

It is Victorian - more so probably if used in earrings, a bit too simple (I feel) for the ever-so-complex era. But I can wear it - and I already did so. It's a beautiful, delicate piece, almost ethereal. I like the feeling of the draping chain on skin. I meant to make earrings too - but then I got caught up in trying a couple of new designs.

One is not Victorian at all, I won't show it to you :) Or not... yet...

One, though, is very so and  has a very interesting story. You know I love chainmaille, however I never seem to have proper rings: you need very specific A(spect) R(atio) rings. I recently bought these beautiful lavender aluminum (anodized) jump rings, with the AR for Byzantine chain and they were intended for use on another Romanov piece (what can I say, I am truly in love with that piece). While trying different ideas for the challenge I thought about making another Romanov. But I knew I don't have enough rings (silly me!) and not even time for finishing a full piece. I thought then to use the chrysanthemum pattern - which is another gorgeous one. But I had only 2 sizes of rings: 4.1mm and 6.7mm. If you know what the chrysanthemum pattern is, you also know... you need progressive larger rings - not an almost 3mm difference! Sometimes need can give way to progress - and that's what happened to me. Look at this neat pattern! I've read many chainmaille books - but I haven't seen it anywhere yet (this is not to say it is original, just that it is very original to me!) and I felt very good about making it work.

Lavender flower: Victorian era inspire, Sterling silver, Aluminum, Swarovski :: All Pretty Things

I love the colours and I will make a proper chrysanthemum pattern, making it into a full bracelet or necklace. Or maybe both. I love chainmaille, especially when I get proper rings - these are made specifically for chainmaille, with specific AR and of aluminum: the resulting piece is not only gorgeous, but very light and nice to wear!

This was my take on Victorian era - I hope I did it justice.

Please make sure to visit the other participants, I am looking forward to discover what everybody made with their historical inspiration. This will be a very interesting blog hop!

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  1. I agree..."true" Victorian pieces are not very wearable everyday. I like what you made! Love the drape.

    And the chainmaille is cute!

  2. I love your lavender chain maille piece - it's exquisite!

  3. I really like that top necklace. I can imagine wearing that piece myself!

  4. Lovely work, Alicia! I like how you made your pieces 'wearable Victorian'. Love the chains on the first piece - very romantic. And fab job on the chainmaille! I've never seen one quite like that. It's beautiful (must have taken ages to make).

  5. I love your design and the way you made it wearable, It is elegant, unique and I love the lavender colour. Very beautiful

  6. Hey! we cover both ends of the Victorian period, I did the darker side and you did the lighter side. ^.^ Anyways, I love the lavender colour, beautiful.

  7. Both are so pretty Alicia! I love the chain drape - so elegant! but that chainmaille is so unique and pretty - love it!

  8. i love the chainmaille flower! its gorgeous

  9. Oh, I certainly agree about making a wearable piece! That is part of the fun of the challenge. Love your pendant! It reminds me of a basket of flowers. Very pretty and Victorian inspired!

  10. Lavender chain maille flower, there's a phrase I never thought I'd use. Beautiful work.

  11. Those are both lovely. I love the first pendant and I am really taken with the chain maille flower. I understand the semi frustration with chain maille. I also seem to have the wrong size of rings for the project I want to start. This and your princess bracelet have really inspired me, though. Thank you!

  12. Such simplicity belies the amount of love and care that went into it all.Very lovely.Love and hugs Tanya

  13. Pretty and elegant, Alicia. I am inspired by your experiment with the rings!

  14. Alicia~these are beautiful! I really love the draping of the chain in the first piece and the whole look to the flower.

  15. What a delicate piece! I like the draped chain!

  16. Two beautiful Victorian-inspired pieces, I really love the first piece, it's very elegant (and maybe you should have matching earrings!!!)

  17. I love those pieces, the top one is gorgeous, I would wear that and my daughter would definitely wear the fabulous flower in chain.


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