Tuesday, October 16, 2012


William 2 yo, reading his favourite book: Bambi :: All Pretty Things
Life moments in conversations with our son. He was anywhere between 4 and 6 years old when these moments happened


- Mommy, which is the greatest music maker of all?
- Well, you know, that's a personal preference, we've talked ab...
- No, mommy, it's GOD!
- Oh... yes, you're absolutely right

[I should have thought better before starting to answer: he used the term 'music maker', not 'composer', which he also knew very well, just a couple of days before he announced that in his opinion the best composer is Beethoven]


- Mommy, when was colour invented?
- Colour? What you mean by that?
- You know, long ago the pictures were all black & white - is that how people saw the world?
- Oh... no, the world was coloured, but we didn't know how to make the pictures colourful. It's like when you have only black & white crayons and you want to draw the world.
- Oh, now I understand! [you could see the light downing on his face]


Colouring a lake full of dolphins (on one of our long road trips):

- Mommy! At night, when the whole town prays...
- [interrupting] What are they praying for?
- Remember how we pray at night, ‘my little angel...’? [a Romanian prayer]
- Yes...
- That’s why – they pray to God. And God is nice and you know – when they all pray, he makes a dolphin in the sky
- Wow! That is nice!
- See, I told you I am genius with coloring


- Daddy! Would you like some sausages? She [mommy] freshly burned them.

He was very proud - and I am not such a bad cook :)


- Daddy, I found a wasp-nest
- That's OK, we'll just leave them through the winter and check on them in the spring
- And they will wake up dead?


The child was trying to tell  a 'true story' about how much chocolate he ate, while his dad was patting him on the head (the patting on the head action is known in our household as 'rubbing the radish').

- Daddy, stop, please! I need to think and if you rub the radish I'll think the opposite.

[We aren't sure what he really meant - our assumption is that he was trying to fabricate the 'true' story and the pat was disturbing his thoughts]


What is the name of the person who brings gifts to animals?


He was about 4 in this 'incident'. We were baking some cookie and I was doubling the recipe, which called for 1.5 cups of something.

- What's 1.5 + 1.5?
- I don't know, we haven't learned in school yet
- That's OK - think
- [thinking for a moment]: 2 and 2 halves!
- Correct - now those 2 halves - what do they represent?
- A whole!
- Correct - now can you tell me what's 1.5 + 1.5?
- Two quarters and a whole... errr... no... THREE!


  1. So sweet and smart! I always enjoy what comes out of little kids' brains :-)

    1. I know, kids truly say 'the darnest' things :)

  2. Keep writing about these moments, Alicia, they are precious! And he certainly is smart figuring out 1.5 + 1.5 when he was only 4!


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