Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lost in space

If it seems I am lost - that's because this is the busiest part of the year. Not only with Christmas preparations (making cards, baking cookies, making gifts, getting the tree, decorating the house and slowing down to enjoy all this madness!) but with the school auction.

The amount of work involved in that Auction is unbelievable - however, without work nothing will happen.

I couldn't leave you without some beauty, though - so I'll share a new collage (I need some blue beauty!)

Briana: jade, sterling silver earrings

I found the matching shoes quite easily - in looking for a bag I re-affirmed something I knew about myself: I have a good eye for matching items. I didn't like any purse for the shoes - and I almost gave up. Until this black clutch caught my eye.

The funny part?  Both the shoes and the clutch are by the same designer (and insanely expensive!) 

Ooh, I think I am in love! I have the earrings - maybe Santa will bring me that cute dress? I know for sure the shoes are way out of his budget :)

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