Sunday, December 9, 2012


When William was born I had this idyllic image of me capturing each memory in a safe way (writing everything down, taking videos and pictures of every important moment) - then life slowly taught me that every moment is important and it'll be impossible to record everything.

So I lost many of the memories - because not recording them then and there... they are forgotten.

Our Boy with Christmas Tree :: All Pretty ThingsSome I captured, though - I'll share with you some questions / conversations we had when William was about 5 years old. I hope you'll enjoy this moments in time with a young boy (wiser than his age)

* How do the reindeer fly?

* How does Santa Claus gets to all the kids in the world? Where does he get their addresses from?

* Why does the song say 'and we can live for ever more'?

* Can I go out and shovel the snow with daddy?

* Why Jesus had no clothes when he was born? Why all the pictures show him with clothes? Why would the animals blow warm air on him, was it cold there? If it was cold in Bethlehem, why people didn't have winter clothes?

* Mommy, the Santa at the mall - he's not the real Santa, is he?
* Why do you ask?
* Well, I saw one on level 1, and another on level 2, and there are some more through the stores too!
* Mommy, Santa came to the skating lesson!
* Did you tell him what you want to bring you? [see below for an explanation **]
* No, he wasn't the real Santa
* How do you know?!
* It was one of the coaches, dressed like Santa, I recognized his voice! But, shhh, do not let the younger kids know! [this from a 5 yo]
* Why do we give toys for other kids? Why doesn't Santa bring all of them toys?

* Can we make more decorations?

* Why can't we start the snow as we wish? There should be a Start button for it!

* Why did God made us cry? [as in: give us the ability to cry... if he loves us and wants us to be happy... why make us be unhappy?]

* Why did God made the weeds if they aren't useful?
* When I play you must look at the heart and my song is a key that opens the heart and fills us all with love for Christ, his Mommy, and God! [*** see below too]

* Why can't we see the reindeers (at the mall!). When Santa goes to feed them, can we go and help him too?

* Why...?
** That specific year (2008) I couldn't convince him to write a letter to Santa, or tell anybody what he wants for Christmas. Why? The year before he wrote the letter, Santa fulfilled it - and the week before Christmas he changed his mind 100%... thus he was deeply disappointed in Santa not bringing him what he really wanted, and not what he wrote! No matter what I tried to explain - it didn't work.

So next year he was adamant he won't write a letter to Santa: 'I want it to be a surprise! Whatever he will choose to bring me I will be happy!' He found his own way to deal with disappointments!

*** At school he painted a glass ornament (in the shape of a heart) as his special gift for parents. When he put the heart on the Christmas Tree - that was his explanation on how the heart 'works': it opens when he plays piano or sings a carol.
Our Boy with Nativity Scene :: All Pretty Things


  1. Such a precious child! I love reading your posts about him

  2. Wonderful memories - he is a very smart child!

  3. He is such a sweet, inquisitive boy :-) We always got the question about why do we have to give to other kids we don't know---why doesn't Santa take care of them too? Like you did. Hard question to answer.


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