Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to all...

... who celebrate! And a wonderful Winter Holiday Season to everyone else :)

We do celebrate Christmas - in traditional style and cooking: everything is made from scratch - from sausages to cabbage rolls to cookies. William helps with everything (he absolutely loves 'playing' in the freshly ground meat and mixing the spices in for sausages, then for cabbage rolls), including the sweet bread (cozonaci) - which is the most 'prized' baking sweet at any special Holidays in our tradition. Not only that - but certainly impossible to make it perfectly. I am getting there, slowly, have been making them now for 15 years on my own... and every year they get a tad better :)

The house has been cleaned (I managed to clean the office quite well, very proud of myself on that one!) and decorated. The tree has been up and decorated for over a week. We started a new tradition a few years back and we now go to a farm in Hamilton and cut our own tree! This year it has been half-cut by William :)

All that was left was to play some carols - and that's what both William and I did on our last piano lesson of the year. What's most impressive in the video is that both the child and the teacher are sight-reading the songs (as in: it is the first time when they play them) - while I knew Lana (our teacher) can do it, I was totally taken aback by the child doing it so well :)


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