Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gossiping Godess Giveaway and Challenge

Remember about a month ago I won a spot in the Gossiping Godess (aka Leslie aka Thea's) challenge? Not only that - I got myself some gorgeous lampwork by Leslie's friend Kaz.

How gorgeous, you ask? Ooh - very!  I managed to not take pictures of the beads when they came (yes, I know... mind is away on vacation) - but they are splendid clear encased beads I adore.

My challenge? What to do with them. Why? They are large (maybe 3/4" in diameter) with big holes... and I didn't want to string them together. I wanted them to pop-up, to yell "Look at me, ain't I a beauty?!"

I spent weeks thinking what to do... I sketched (badly) many pictures... and in the end I coupled my love for wire with these beauties and this is what I came up with:

Not one, but three pendants; in three different styles :)

First it was the heart pendant:

I made the frame 3 times in copper - until I decided it's decent enough to try it in silver. I liked the idea of adding some copper, though - the red in the glass is going very well with the copper (or so I think). The heart is not perfect - but what heart is it, after all? Next time I will remember to 'coil' the wire *before* wrapping it together :)

The second pendant was this nice 'wisdom eye' - aren't those flowers on the bead lovely?

I needed a third different idea and it became a flower:

All they need now is their respective chains - I am thinking 3 different lengths so they can be worn together - what do you think? Yay or Nay?

Overall - I am quite pleased with the result :) of course there is room for improvement (the rawhide mallet scared the wire on the flower... not sure why) but I can't wait to wear them!

Many thanks to Lesley - for her generosity in sharing these beauties with us and the opportunity to play along in a wonderful challenge!

And many thanks to you, my visitor :)

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  1. Alicia these are just great! I love that you chose to treat them individually but have them co-ordinate...I think the idea of a mix and match set is a great idea. I love the mixed metals too - it adds an extra dimension. Thanks you so much for joining me on this hop.

  2. Beautiful pieces, Alicia! Your wirework is fantastic and I love the mix of metals in the heart. These beads are absolutely lucky were you to get to work with them?! I do like the idea of 3 different lengths of chain and wearing them as a single, double or triple.

  3. really pretty i think i like the heart one most

  4. What wonderful designs, especially the heart one. I like the use of the copper and silver wire together, and a great idea to make 3 different pendants.

  5. You have really advanced in wire work Alicia... good for you! LOVE the colors of these beads and that you treated them individually which they deserved!

  6. I say Yay! They would be so fun on a variety of chains... Maybe 1 copper and two silver to keep the very effective mixed metals going.. Or not. What fun though to have the flexibility in design. I'm not picking a favourite as they are each beautiful in their own right.

  7. I LOVE your wire work, and all three so different. I think having all of them on one necklace would be humongous, and AWESOME. :-)

    Happy creating!

  8. I love your wire work on these beads! I vote for separate chains, more versatile.

  9. Your heart looks very perfect to me! It is a beauty and my favorite. I would put all 3 on different chains so that they can be all worn together or separately. I admire your wire wrapping skills.

  10. Ooh! What fun! I like that you wired them up into these cool pieces - I hope you'll show us when you use them in necklace designs :)

  11. You got some stunning beads and you've shown them off perfectly... love all of them! x

  12. Ex-tra-or-di-na-re !
    Pur şi simplu mi s-a tăiat răsuflarea !
    Felicitări şi la mai mare !
    Succes !

  13. Absolutely beautiful wirework, Alicia!

  14. Seriously? Can't you try to make something that's not drop dead gorgeous? You know, so us little people will have some hope....:) I so love all three, you did an outstanding job woman!

  15. LOVE! Your pendants are truly gorgeous, especially your imperfect heart! I think 3 different length chains to wear together or separate would be a great way to go but I always love that type of versatility in jewelry designs.

  16. Thank you everyone: your kindness is much appreciated!

  17. Such wonderfully creative designs, Alicia! I barely managed to work up one piece and you've designed 3 unique ones! I love the wirework and the beads. They are each so terrific, but that top one is my absolute favorite--with the bit of black in with the red in the bead and your bit of copper with the silver wire. What a great combination!

  18. Wow you are one talented lady!! I adore the heart perfect or not!! The others are fabulous too!! Can't wait to see what you do chain wise and so hope you will share!!


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