Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day - and remember, there is a giveaway going on, enter here!

The day is upon us... Valentine's Day, a day filled with love, flowers and chocolate (my favourite part: chocolate strawberries - yummy!).

In our culture we didn't celebrate this day - we had other spring customs, more on those on other days. I say "didn't" because, according to my mom, it has become a huge thing back in Romania as well. I, personally, am completely neutral towards the day. We had some other customs, especially in the country (folk people, farmers etc.) - a pre-Christian tradition, called 'Dragobete', which we celebrate on the 24th of February.

Since we moved to Canada, we try to observe the local holidays along ours (if we would massage the 2 holiday calendars in one, our life will be a continuous celebration!), and while we are on this day - I will present you a few of my recent or not so recent pieces, the ones that I believe are 'love' related :)

First - a piece I made last year for Valentine's Day (and I will wear tomorrow!): I love its flow and delicate feel, hence its name 'Delicate Love':

Delicate Love: Swarovski, sterling silver, earrings & necklace :: All Pretty Things

Then there is this gorgeous floating blue heart - donated for an even related to Heart and Health. even the clasp is a heart :)

Blue heart: Swarovski, silver, necklace :: All Pretty Things

I wonder who remembers this neat clasp? I still have it - maybe it's time to use it in a design this week :) It came from my very first Bead Soup party, Dita (on that beautifully decorated paper!). Yes, she packaged things way better than I did. But I learned :)

The first wire hearts I made - with Swarovski crystals: I really like how beautifully they flow, and how easily you can personalize them: add one Swarovski for a special someone's birthday, or add many for their children, grandchildren, the possibilities are unlimited!

Simple heart: sterling silver, Swarovski, pendant & earrings :: All Pretty Things

One of my favourites: the lampwork and multi-wire heart:

My heart to you: sterling silver, copper, lampwork, pendant :: All Pretty Things

Believe it or not, there are a few more (that's strange for someone who thinks she's not a very romantic person!)

There is my heart I made with my mom in mind: you can read all about it right here.

And there is another one I cherish: etched and patina-ed brass, with wire-wrapped agate, on sterling silver earwires: I present you Cora!

Cora: etched & patina-ed brass, agate, sterling silver, OOAK earrings :: All Pretty Things

Happy Valentine's Day! Have a fun enjoyable one :)


  1. For someone somewhat neutral about this holiday ... you sure know how to put on a Valentine's Day Show! those are some gorgeous pieces Alicia!!

  2. Ou Wau! These are all so beautiful:)
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. All very pretty but my favorite is the lampwork and multi-wire heart as well.
    Happy V day

  4. you sure seem like a Valentine Gal to me! these are all so pretty~especially those funky Cora earrings!


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