Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love and Light: a blog hop in memory of Tanya

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I didn't know Tanya for long - we 'met' back in August, during a Facebook event and she sent me some beauties... I loved them, I ordered more (I'll probably make jewelry for a year from her silver and gemstones!) and we kept chatting on Facebook. Not very often, but in a deep way that special friendships allow for.

I knew she was sick and unfortunately in January I learned of her passing - which brought the idea of this memory blog hop. It is meant to remember her smile and her kindness... through a piece of jewelry that is either inspired by her or maybe made with her materials.

She was very generous and kind - with my first order she (not very subtly) inquired what my favourite stone or colour is. I didn't have to think before answering 'Turquoise'. I don't own much turquoise, I do have died howlite or stabilized turquoise, but not the blue-sky one, and somehow she understood that is where my love for turquoise comes from: the pure blue-sky stones I saw in Mexico for the first time.

When my package arrived I was completely humbled - I think she added as much items as a gift that they were in the actually order. Between them a stunning turquoise. Raw, baroque and not drilled. Which meant - wire wrapping was being called for. I have done various wire wrapping so far, but not wrapping a stone. I saw 2 types of wrapping: one that I liked and one that I hated. Hence - I left the turquoise alone... paralyzed with fear: what if I end up with the 'I hate' type? Not even practicing, I could not bring myself to try and fail.

Been there, done that - yesterday I went up to the studio to make something else. I ended up cleaning the studio and in the process all I had left on my table was - you guessed it - Tanya's turquoise! I knew it's her way of gently pushing me and telling me 'this is the time'. So I sat down (I usually listen to music, but this time I have no clue what the radio played), cut the wire and... started. I had no clue what I am supposed to do, I kept doing what it seemed right. In the end - I had a beautiful turquoise, wrapped nicely and snugly. However (there is always a 'but' somewhere) I was unhappy with the look of the wire. It looked scratched (I have been as careful as I could, but...) and I was wondering 'now what?'.

Luckily for me during the cleaning process I found some old glass beads, looking quite ugly... and I thought I will drop them in the tumbler, maybe they get cleaned and nice. They did! And when I went to check them - I had a 'duh!' moment - and dropped the pendant in the tumbler instead. After a few hours this is what came out:

Wire wrapped pendant: silver, Turquoise :: All Pretty Things

No scratches whatsoever!! Nothing! The wire looks shine and the pendant is beautiful (at least I **LOVE** it and since it's mine, that's all that matters :) I dare you! just kidding - please critique away, I am learning and I appreciate all the suggestions and ideas)

The other sides:

Wire wrapped pendant: silver, Turquoise :: All Pretty Things

Wire wrapped pendant: silver, Turquoise :: All Pretty Things

Wire wrapped pendant: silver, Turquoise :: All Pretty Things

Isn't that a gorgeous turquoise?! Thank you, Tanya!

Right after I started the blog hop I made another piece for this event, and I cannot explain to you why. I hope her friends might find something related to Tanya in this piece - all I know is that it felt like Tanya to me:

Swarovski, wire :: All Pretty Things

It is a red Viking knit shaped in a 'spring' wreath - with 2 butterflies and some shine (in forms of Swarovski crystals). I just love those 2 Swarovski butterflies... not sure why I had to add two, all I know is the piece is complete like that and it felt like her.

I have a couple of pieces I made with her gemstones and materials:

Freya (Goddess of Love): Swarovski, sterling silver, fine silver :: All Pretty Things
Freya (Goddess of Love): Swarovski, sterling silver, fine silver

The Victorian pendant made with fine silver spacer and sterling silver chain from Tanya

Eivor (wise gift): sterling silver, rubies :: All Pretty Things
Eivor (wise gift): sterling silver, rubies
The pendant made with rubies from Tanya (I didn't realize you can work with real rubies until I talked to her!)

Audra (Noble strength): quartz, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, earrings :: All Pretty Things
Audra (Noble strength): quartz, freshwater pearls, sterling silver
A pair of earrings made with quartz crystals from Tanya (she made a note of the exact name of the crystal, but I cannot remember it right now)

Ada: Kyanite, sterling silver, Swarovski, earrings :: All Pretty Things
Ada: Kyanite, sterling silver, Swarovski
The pair of earrings made with the Kyanite she gifted me with.

Ada: Kyanite, sterling silver, Swarovski, necklace :: All Pretty Things
Ada: Kyanite, Swarovski, sterling silver
The pendant to match the earrings - again, the Kyanite from Tanya.

But my love remains the Turquoise:

Wire wrapped pendant: Turquoise, silver :: All Pretty Things

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  1. This was so hard to read. I love Tanya very much. I can't help but think that my father in law would be calling this a cult but I really don't care. I miss her very much. It was funny how she seemed to understand what you said. I smiled when I read about the Mexico blue sky. She gets stuff like that. Thank you for sharing. <3

    1. Oh, I don't think Tanya would like to be worshiped - so no, this is not a cult. Just a group of people who knew her on different levels and mourn together and remember her together.

      Yes, she had an uncanny way of getting what you didn't say - in the very short time I knew her I learned that quickly.

      Thanks for stopping by - I hope you write your piece too... it is healing in a sense.

  2. Alicia,

    This is lovely! Your blog post made me smile, it was something that reminded me, and I'm sure many others, what Tanya was - giving. She gave and gave and gave until she couldn't give anymore. Tan loved giving her "Pressies". I'm glad that you will have a piece that really speaks about Tanya to you. It is beautiful and I'm sure she would be so proud. The viking knit bracelet is unique and Tan loved that. She loved allowing your own expression to come through as well. You did a great job! My favorite stone, and one of Tan's was rubies. I bet she's smiling! Hugs and love to you!

  3. These are all beautiful, Alicia! I think Tan would be proud of your pendant. She loved wire wrapping. Tanya gave to so many people and not just beads. She was filled with love. xx

  4. Wonderful designs, the wire wrapping is just perfect, the red Viking knit bracelet is so elegant and unique, Tanya would have love it and those Quartz and Pearl earrings, Kyanite,Rubies all gorgeous gemstones. Tanya was Beautiful Soul and Generous person."Love and Hug"

  5. All so beautiful. I can definitely see Tanya in the bright red Viking piece - it has her energy for sure...x

  6. Tanya was such a beautiful, kind and definitely a generous soul! Even though I only knew her a short time, the fact that she gifted you so many goodies most definitely sounds like something she would do :)

    I love that wonderful turquoise pendent you wrapped! For your first time, I think it's amazing and I have a feeling Tanya would be very proud of you ^.^

  7. Great creativity...lovely work...Thanks for sharing.

    Custom Made Jewellery

  8. Beautiful wirework. It's hard to pick a favorite but I pick the ruby earrings. A great tribute.

  9. She WAS generous with her packages, wasn't she? That kyanite is sublime.

    But your I've tried that sort of wire wrapping and I'm just not good at it. I'm also not good with spirals (they all come out wonky) but yours are awesome!

    Thank you for organizing this, and thank you for letting me participate.

  10. I think the turquoise is my favourite too :)


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