Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This is how you teach! [TED]

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William has complained for a while that school 'is not fun' anymore. Last year it was hands-on, fun, and happy... this year it seems to be not so much.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this TED video - and I realized: that's exactly how you should teach anybody! not only 4th graders, every age, including high-school and farther. Have fun and let them have fun! But no, like our nice teacher here says 'God forbid someone has fun learning science!'

For all parents and kids and young adults looking for a fresh and new approach on teaching - here you are:

I was lucky enough to have a few teachers like that: my mom's Geography teacher who was a supply teacher *one* day in grade 5 or 6 (it is still the only Geography lesson I remember!), my French teacher in high-school (who did lots of literature and history of arts with us, he is an amazing person), my Chemistry teacher in high school (for 3 years I was sure I will go to a Medical school, just for her Chemistry :) ) and my 'Electrical Components' teacher in 3rd year of University (who was amazed that none of us could tell him how to apply the high level algebra knowledge in real life and gave us an amazing experience for a whole semester).

They made life fun, they made science and knowledge fun, they made everlasting impressions on our brains and - dare I say? - in our hearts too!


  1. This video is amazing ,thank you so much for sharing. Even though the end is missing it is still very enjoyable.
    I wish all teachers would be like him! His parents must be very proud of him and his student must love him so much.

    1. My feelings exactly, Amy: such a refreshing view and attitude, his students are blessed!

  2. Thanks for passing on a great approach to teaching! My son is in his second year teaching high school, and I forwarded your post on to him this morning. Now, if I can just get him to take a few minutes away from lesson planning to watch it!


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