Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Holiday musical cruise continues

This video will definitely date me - but that's fine, I am a Star Trek Next Generation 'child' through and through. I grew up with Captain Picard (and care very little for Captain Kirk, although I recognize the genius of William Shatner :) ) and there aren't many episodes (if any) I haven't seen from the STNG series.

Keeping with the Christmas theme, I stumbled upon this video today and I just had to share it, it's too funny!


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  1. Cool Alicia,
    Okay I am going to date myself I remember watching the original first run Star Trek way back in the late 60's all be it I was just 7 in 1966 I still remember sitting down with my cousins and watching it on a black and white TV. I still enjoy Star Trek today no matter what the generation, I did enjoy STNG and was sad when it ended.


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