Friday, December 13, 2013

Pantene Fashion Color report - Spring 2014

The new Pantene Fashion Color report is out for Spring 2014:

Pantene Fashion Color report
@ by Pantene

I like this palette - I love the soft pastels and some of the bold colours too. My favourite is the Placid Blue, it is soft and calm and makes me want to sit down and relax, watching clouds running on the sky!

I'm also partial of the Purple Orchid, bold and vibrant and full of life, the Dazzling Blue - it is dazzling!, the Hemlock green - soft and lovely, a little bit too soft, maybe, and the Freesia yellow - now that's a way to put some energy into a palette!

Oddly enough, I love the Paloma grey - instead of bringing down the whole combination, it brings a touch of elegance, even warmth. Same for the Sand beige, I really like it.

The 2 colours I don't like are the Cayenne red and the Celosia orange - I find them a tad fade and without 'spice' - which is truly unusual, since the Cayenne is supposed to be full of spice!

Which one is your favourite this spring?


  1. I love them all and especially happy to see more short skirts creeping into the design sketches. No, I won't be WEARING mini skirts but they say the skirt length goes UP when the economy is seen as improving (a nice thought!)

  2. I live these colors very much as well.
    Merry Christmas to you


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