Sunday, February 19, 2012

The fox and the fence

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fox saw lots of chickens in a backyard. She walked around the fence, looking for a hole. After a long time she found a small one, but when she tried to go through, the hole was too small. After a few days without eating - she came back and now could get through the hole into the well sought-after garden.

Inside her newly found paradise, she started eating until she was full. But now she was too fat to go through the hole. To get out - she again went on a 'hunger strike'. When out of the garden she thought:

How stupid could I be, I exit the same I entered!


A gentle reminder of the fact that we enter this world without owning any physical things & treasures, and we leave the same.

Why would we focus our life on amassing physical treasures, when we can simply spend our time enjoying the amazing gift we've been given: our life, our family, our friends, our dreams.

May you enjoy your treasure!

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