Saturday, February 11, 2012

What am I reading these days?

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I am writing today about other blogs - the ones that make me smile or think or go 'a-ha!' or are just plain beautiful. It's hard to choose the #1 in each category... very hard...

In the Colour my world category I have to pick Design Seeds - a blog that demonstrates properly how a picture is a thousand words... There is no better place to calm and relax than browsing through the beautiful pictures (and most of the time finding inspiration for a next project).

In the ILSHMRH category (I Laugh So Hard My Ribs Hurt) my # 1 is I've become my parents where we find questions to the most pressing parenting answers (to loosely quote the author). I laugh out loud whenever he posts a new article and I adore the fact his boy is only one year older than mine: all the advice is so expertly up-to-date!

In the Cogito ergo sum category the laurels go to To Gyre and Gambol - it is a pleasure to read Thom's articles, they are breathtaking and a gentle reminder to love this moment. I love his tree ritual, as well as the This Moment / Memory one - lovely ways to remember one's life. Yes, I needed a dictionary to translate the title :)

In the Technology bits and pieces category I have chosen EosGrafx where you can always find smart tips about pretty much everything related to social networking technology. Would you like to know how to do something on Facebook or Twitter or on your own blog? They'll probably have the answer - if they don't already, they'll find it for you.

In the Local jewelry community category I have the nice ladies from BeadFX in Toronto - between the 4 of them they will cover a huge territory: from news in the beading industry to new projects to trends to wonderful business tips. The store is also amazing (a bit far from me, but whenever I get the chance to be in the area... I am paying them a visit).

In the That's an interesting thought! category I recently found an aptly named blog: Escaping Mediocrity. It is not overly pushy in that sense of 'buy this $7.99 study and you'll have 10,000 followers by tomorrow' - instead it has just lots and lots of articles and guest-authors that talk in a no-nonsense language about how to build your business. Yes, most are common-sense - however my experience tells me that people somehow forget exactly the most common-sense :)

What are your favorite blogs these days? I'd love to hear from you and expand my horizon :)


  1. Hi Alicia - I am a fellow Canadian from AB. Like your blog and will now follow you. I design jewelry and enjoy finding interesting blogs as well. Will definitely check out your favorites.

    1. Hi Katherine - welcome (and hopefully you have a nicer winter than we do right now!). Glad you stopped by and joined us, and I hope you'll have as much fun reading as I have writing these articles :)

  2. WOW! What an honour to be on your list! I think I'll print this out and read it back to myself any time I need a little lift. Thanks so much for the shoutout.

    Thom's blog is indeed a great recommendation. I'll go check out the others as well.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

    1. Ooh, Barmy - thanks... you're not only a person with the greatest sense of humour I've (virtually) met, but also very kind.

      I love your stories - they help me stay sane :)

      And I love Thom's articles - they root me, an external reminder of what life is all about.

      Hope you enjoy the others too - and please keep writing, I need your humorous view on parenting :)

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Just started following you! I have several favorite blogs in the jewelry designer field: Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studios ( - she has 4 boys and often shares wonderful "family" stories - she is an AWESOME wire-wrapper and takes some of the most beautiful pictures; Lori Anderson of Pretty Things ( - not ony a wonderful designer, but she has a way with words...I love her writing, and her pictures, too; and, Kerry Bogert of Kabs Creative Concepts ( - the makes some of the most beautiful lamp work beads! I could write en entire book on blogs I follow!

    1. Hi Patti - thank you for visiting!

      Thank you for suggestions, I already check Lori's site often, but I will check the others for sure; Cindy's seems like what the doctor prescribed on a day like this - we have a blizard, it is painfully cold, and my son has a light cold, so going outdoors is out of question: we watch lots of Star Wars and work on some new projects :)



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