Monday, February 20, 2012

Purple Universe (2)

It is February so it's only fit I will present you various amethyst pieces I've created - Amethyst is February birthstone, after all.

Purple Universe (sterling silver, Swarovski, amethyst) :: All Pretty Thungs
Taking its powers from the mystical colour (or his colours from the mystical power - who knows?!), amethyst is used as a protection stone. That wasn't on my mind when I designed this new Purple Universe (I might have a fascination with Purple Universes, remember the polymer clay version?).

On my mind was the beautiful, almost magical combination of sterling silver and purple, with some hints of aqua. It spoke of some old legends, those typical Celtic legends when the good is not perfect, and the evil can sometimes be converted to good. It spoke of transformations more profound than the one we usually  witness - as the feel of the cold precious metal and stone and crystal on your skin is subtly changing into warmth. It spoke of Yin and Yang, of extremes finally founding a balance.

Purple Universe (sterling silver, Swarovski, amethyst) :: All Pretty Thungs
It makes me think this is how the Universe looks like: silent and beautiful, with big stars and planets on an almost invisible silvery orbit around something unique: you!

With its 40 inches length, the necklace is a versatile piece and can be worn in double strand during the day or become a beautiful opera necklace for the evening. Likewise, it can complement any type of attire: a casual dress, a business suit, and an evening gown. Tip - if you have a fabulous back and a gown to show it (with no back) you can wear this piece draped along your back instead of your front.

A gorgeous piece made of Swarovski crystals and Amethyst beads lightly woven on a sterling silver swage chain, the Purple Universe is not only a piece of jewelry, it is a splendid poem whispered in your ear, adorning a stylish romantic women.

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