Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New projects

Sometimes I wonder if it's curiosity or what else that pushes me to try new techniques, new ideas, new media every few months. Since I've started making jewelry I have tried polymer clay (love it, want to try PMC now :)), wire crochet (I always loved crochet, more than knitting), knotting, wire wrapping and many more.

Back in December I have finally approached one of my oldest and dearest dreams: working with glass. I got it somewhat sideways: through stained glass. I learned it's not impossible to work it - actually it was a lot easier than I originally thought. I love that I am now able to create various projects for myself, my family and friends (no, don't look for me selling stained glass anytime soon, not going to happen... or not too soon - never say never ;))

And 2 weeks ago, while in the local bead store I stroke a conversation with the nice lady, I was asking about PMC classes anywhere in the city - when she mentioned they are opening a lampwork studio right here! Oh, wow - something I've been asking them forever (the sister-store has one). I booked a lesson for Sunday - and here I am: I have tried lampworking!

Not only that - I loved it! I will get my first beads today (pictures on an update later in the week) - I am so excited I am going to get there at lunch time, most likely :) And I have 2 extra hours of studio left - and tons of things to practice on... can't wait! (can you tell I am excited?!)

I still have a few techniques I want to try by myself, and a few I need a course in - what I love is that our city is starting to grow into arts and crafts more and more.

So far my bucket list of techniques / media to try looks like this:
  • polymer clay - checked, love it
  • glass painitng - checked, really loved it - which brought me to... (the next step):
  • stained glass - checked, love it
  • lampwork - checked, love it
  • PMC - to do
  • serious wire work - to practice (I have a design I've played in my head for over a month now... it's time to practice it, right?)
  • silversmithing - to do
  • wood working - to do (this would be for fun only, I have respiratory problems and there is no way I will be able to live in a studio full of wood dust... although there is little I enjoy more than the smell and feel of wood! but I must try it, nonetheless)
  • watercolour - to do (as in to take a course, I used to paint when I was young, it wasn't something studied... I feel I need someone to talk to me, reading is not good enough in this case)
  • enameling - to do
Are there any techniques / media you can think of that I missed?
I really want to try them all. Am I crazy?!


  1. It's all amazing and I can't see all the new projects! One thing I would like to learn one day is wood carving. (I use respiratory mask myself when painting).

    1. The lesson I learned in the past 2 months: if you look carefully there is a class nearby for the technique you want :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Replies
    1. Lol - I never seem to have time for that! But I have recently tried my hands at Quilling - lovely technique and wonderful results...


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