Saturday, February 4, 2012

Party time!

Well - almost... and not the type you might think about either!

This year I have decided to try something new and I have entered Lori's Bead Soup Blog Party. Sounds strange? That's what I thought too :)

Bead Soup Blog PartyThe idea is quite simple: artists from everywhere (and I mean - everywhere!) entered and 200 lucky participants have been paired... they send each other a 'soup' of beads and design a piece which we all showcase on March 3rd. Yes, that's exactly 4 weeks away - scarry...

I have been lucky enough to be picked by the randomizer and Lori did a tremendous work pairing 200 individuals... thanks, Lori!

My package has arrived just a couple of days ago and I'll find some time this weekend to take pictures (had lots of insipration already).

In the meantime - I am reading other people's blogs: I probably won't be able to hop onto everyone's blog, but I sure am trying! And I've made already some new friends throught the FB group Lori put together...

Stay tuned!

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