Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bead Soup #6 and more

Bead Soup Blog PartyYou know this is how I started the series of challenges and bead swaps and making new friends all over the globe - by being chosen to participate in Lori's Bead Soup #5 back in January... since then, as she is a true Goddess, she opened the party to all who'd like to participate and this time we'll have a huge party! It took me over a week back then, I am afraid to think how long it'll take me to get through almost 400 participants this time :) but get through I will... [oh, by the way, if you are a participant, please consider to remove the captcha code from your blogger during the party!]

My partner this time is from Australia: Tania Tebbit of Glass, Craft & Artful Goodness and I am patiently waiting for her to return from her own trip and start exchanging info :) I have no clue what am I going to send her, since she's already a wonderful lampworker... but I will have to figure something out, and like with the comments above, figuring something I will (very determined at the time, as you can see).

I came home to a big pile of letters (not that many bills, thankfully :)) and a few packages too.

My copper focal from Kristi has arrived while we were away, I am frantically going through ideas now, I had one - but now I got another one, I'll have to decide by tomorrow if I want to be in time.

The package from Lisa was waiting for me too: gorgeous beads, and there will be a true challenge. But you'll have to come back on July 21st to find out why :)

The stamps from Karen were in the mail box too, now I need to get myself some metal sheets to play - towards the fall, I don't think I have time to sleep before October or so.

And my first Rio Grande order has arrived too - some Argentium for a few custom orders. I haven't worked with Argentium yet, it seems a tad softer than Sterling Silver... we'll see :)

Count in that I have 2 challenges to finish for this Saturday, and a bunch of teacher gifts (to be done before Wednesday!) and you'll understand why my excitement is nicely bunched with some pure panic. Oh, well... I've finished projects with tighter deadlines before.

Wish me luck - and while you enjoy your adventures, please make sure to share!


  1. Luck to you! This Bead Soup is slightly(understatment) intimidating, not the creation part, but the "what to send" part. Will she like it? Is it enough? Am I sending what I want her to do, or leave something to her muse? How do you work it through?

    1. Thanks, Marlene - I actually kind of have a project in mind when I send my package... and I make sure it's only beads I really love :) The funny part is - the result is never close to what I had in mind, we see combinations differently, we have different ideas, it's very interesting to see :) Just 'be yourself' and as long as you're happy with what you sent - your partner will figure it out!

  2. Hi Alicia,
    Have fun with all the challenges on your plate. I will be back to see all of them.

    1. Thanks, Therese - I have finished the teacher's gifts - now onto the 2 challenges for this Saturday! :)

  3. Hi Alicia - I am back from my trip - will contact you will all my details!!! - sounds like heaps of fun!!

    1. Welcome back, Tania, hope you had fun! I'm sending you the details too :) Oh, yeah, tons of fun!


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