Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On the road again

A few years back I started my first blog as a travel journal. We were leaving for an (unknown to us at the time) amazing vacation - it was supposed to be for 2 weeks and we ended up to be away from home for 4 weeks! We traveled from our home all the way to Florida, then back home through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. It was a memorable vacation, one we still reminisce at every corner of our life :)

In there - since we were moving a lot - I had quite a few posts with this title... not surprisingly we all love Willie Nelson to pieces, so his song plays in my head over and over every time we prepare for vacation.

As we do today: for our first part of the vacation - and the start of our 'other life': trapshooting competitions. I am excited and looking forward to seeing my friends again - our first stop is Elysburg, PA, a place I hold dear to my heart (I'll explain why this week, stay tuned!).

So here we are, getting ready to be on the road again - to my beloved friends and my beloved mountains.

Elysburg, PA - PSSA Grounds

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