Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fun bits

How would a search begin? With a few words :)
Recently I was checking the site statistics - and the traffic sources. It's always both fun and educative to learn how did people arrived to your site.

Not surprisingly there were searches by the name (of the site, my own, or both).

There were also searches for 'beaded chainmaille bracelet' (interesting, since I have only one post about that, my favourite chainmaille piece ever, Princess), 'accessories polymer clay multiply', 'crochet stitch jewelry + easy + wire + for kids' (eh, I wouldn't say my crochet tutorial is for kids, but I'll take it :)) or 'crochet necklace with beads' (I get this one, I have a few articles on the subject).

Then there is the odd 'blue as depth and stability' or 'disk glass beads with large hole' or 'yourself, in your way of thinking. flower' and 'flowers for office with elegant meanings'. I wonder what articles / images they arrived to :) I talk so much about flowers, it's no wonder.

As it's no wonder someone found me searching for 'pictures of butterflies' or 'beautiful full butterfly', I know I talk a lot about butterflies, birds, and blooms. They are such an important part of  nature and they are the prettiest little things, and they bring so much joy and beauty. How could I not talk about them?

But then someone arrive on my blog typing this: 'شجرة الكاكاو'. I recognize the Arabic style of writing and a short trip to google translate shows me it's the 'cocoa tree'. That's odd, I have written once about cocoa, on our adventure at the Chocolate Exhibition. Google has its own mind!

What is the strangest or most unexpected phrase people searched and found you with? Have you ever checked? It's an interesting exercise :)


  1. oooooo, how interesting. I haven't tried that - will check that out to see where my traffic is coming from. thanks for the post!

    1. You'll have fun. During Christmas time (all December and part of January) I had lots of traffic coming through searches containing 'Angel' or 'Church'.
      It is interesting :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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