Sunday, June 10, 2012

The little sparrow

A man had 2 daughters - both very inquisitive and smart. The girls would ask their father lots of questions, some he could answer, some he couldn't. One day he decided to send them to study with a wise man.

Mischievous, after a while, one of the girls decided to fool the wise man.

- How are you going to achieve that? asked her sister

Exotic bird @ Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, ON :: All Pretty Things
- See this little sparrow? I will hide it between my palms and I will ask the wise man if the bird is alive or not. If he says the bird is dead, I will let her fly. If he says the bird is alive, I will kill her with my hands and show him the dead bird. This way - whatever he chooses, he'll be wrong.

The girls approached the wise man, and the older girl asked him:

- I have this little bird, wise man, tell me: is she dead or alive?

Smiling, the wise man answered:

- It's upon you, little girl, she's now in your hands...

P.S. I asked my 9 yo what he thinks the morale of the story might be.

'Hmm... not fool a wise man! you can learn more from him by listening!' was his answer.

There you have it :)


  1. Aproape că mă sperie atâta înţelepciune şi maturitate , la un copil de vârsta asta ...
    Vă urez succes şi să faceţi faţă la toate provocările care vă ( ne ?) aşteaptă de la el !

    1. Mom thinks it's almost scary to be so wise and mature at such a young age. Tell me about it, mom! :)
      She's also wishing us all the best and good luck - thanks!

  2. great answer! interesting how kids see the world with so much less baggage and filters ... they seem to cut to the truth easily!

    1. Isn't that so? They are for sure more direct - although this one has a diplomacy that scares me at times :)


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