Tuesday, June 5, 2012


With our winters being usually quite harsh (the past one being a welcome exception, for which we will most likely pay dearly), by February I look for any excuses to be around as many flowers as possible.

Last year I instituted the 'Every day with blooms' rule in our house - we must have some sort of blooming flowers every single day of the year. In the spring / summer we start cutting from our own backyard (tulips, lilac, roses, lilies, peonies and whatever we fancy that year). During the fall - we usually get lots of potted flowers (mums, African violets), and right around November / December we have bulbs forced indoor (daffodils, hyacinths, Amarillo @ Christmas, and our Christmas cacti when he decides to gifts us with its flowers).

That leaves January to March quite uncovered - and that's when the daily grocery shopping trip brings home a bouquet or two of whatever I fancy. But still - usually at the end of February I had enough of the cold and white stuff.
No problem - right in the middle of March we have a huge show: Canada Blooms - with, as the name expresses - flowers... you name it, they have it! I take William and we wonder through the Exhibition halls for hours (the floor has about 500,000 sq ft! and tons of exhibitors) - we smell the flowers, we admire arrangements, we buy seeds, tools, flowers, even honey and enjoy ourselves. A lot! I recently discovered the 1st show took place the same year we arrived in Canada... but I remember the very first one I went to, next year (that would make it the 2nd show): I was in complete awe!

I still am in awe every time - I love the colours, I love to touch the flowers, I love to talk to some of the exhivitors, and I love the arrengements: they are gorgeous, and every year different. Did I mention the gardens they put together? They have a theme each year - this year was music!

I hope you have enjoyed our blooms :)

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  1. Minunate !
    Poate data viitoare pui mai multe fotografii, poate mai multe aranjamente ikebana !


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